Brown +1: CUHK's Master of Social Science in Global Political Economy

CUHK's MGPE program is:

  • a flexible, interdisciplinary one-year program;
  • taught in English; and
  • designed to examine the interaction between global politics and global economy in a time of financial crises and global insecurity. While economic concepts are taken seriously, the focus of the program is firmly upon the political determinants and effects of economic outcomes.

MGPE students complete 8 courses (24 units) to graduate.

Course Exemption

Brown graduates who enroll in the MGPE Program may be exempted from one of the following 3-unit undergraduate/postgraduate courses if taken at CUHK during junior year study abroad.

Course Code Course Title
GPEC5101 The Bretton Woods System & Aftermath: World Bank, IMF & WTO
GPEC5201 The Role of Greater China in Global Political Economy

Program Structure

The MGPE program consists of 2 required courses and 13 electives. The elective courses are designed into three streams, namely Political Economy of the Developed World, Political Economy of the Greater China Region and Its Neighbors, and Political Economy of the Developing World. Students can choose from the three streams any six courses according to their preference.

Suggested Study Scheme:

1st Term (September to December): 1 required course + 3 elective courses
2nd Term (January to April): 1 required course + 3 elective courses

Program Features

Apart from structured courses, MGPE students may have the opportunity to take part in the following activities:

  • Conference (sessions reserved for presentations by MGPE students)
  • Publication (in connection with the students' research output/ writing scheme)
  • Field study in emerging markets such as those of BRIC

Career Prospects

Some MGPE graduates plan for doctoral training; others are employed in the fields of Finance, Management, Consultancy, Policy Research or NGO development.