D'Abate Community School After-School Program

Swearer Center Elementary School Programs 
@ William D'Abate Elementary School

60 Kossuth Street, Providence
3:30-5:30 PM, Monday-Thursday
2:10-5:30 PM, Friday

Through projects that focus on creative academic enrichment, Brown students broaden the academic horizons of elementary school students in Olneyville. The D’Abate Community School After-School clubs provide elementary school students with an opportunity for academic enrichment and mentorship from college students.  In past years, D’Abate students have had chances to re-enact scenes from history, witness chemical reactions, realize the many uses of numbers, and express themselves through writing, dance, and art.   

Brown students are given the opportunity to design and implement curricula in cohorts of about 3 to 5. We welcome all innovative ideas for classroom practices and offer training and support for successful implementation. Volunteers are able to constantly reevaluate their classroom practices as they learn from members of their cohorts, from teachers and professionals, and from the students.

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Our programs run from 3:30 to 5:30 PM, from Monday-Thursday and 2:10 to 5:30 PM on Fridays. For more information email Dilania_Inoa@Brown.edu or dabatecommunityschool@gmail.com.

Swearer Center/D'Abate Community Fellows
Steven Arroyo Grades 4 &5  steven_arroyo@brown.edu
Emily Breuer Grades K & 1 emily_breuer@brown.edu
Jason Connor Social Studies jason_connor@brown.edu
Michael Fuchs Performing Arts michael_fuchs@brown.edu
Kate Groetzinger Science katharine_groetzinger@brown.edu
Max Kaplan Grades 2 & 3 max_kaplan@brown.edu
Emma Schrager Visual Arts emma_schrager@brown.edu
Julia Shube Overall julia_shube@brown.edu