Mission, Goals & Strategies


The Swearer Center works to connect the capacities of Brown University with those of the larger community in order to address inequalities in our society and our communities; create, share, and apply knowledge for the public good; and educate and prepare students for lives of effective action. 


  • For the community: Establish deep and sustained partnerships that use community knowledge and resources to make a significant and sustainable impact. 
  • For Brown students: Extend and deepen education through engaged scholarship; educate and prepare for life after Brown--knowledge/skills, experience, professional communities.
  • For the University: Advance knowledge and the impact of that knowledge through engaged scholarship--connecting coursework, research, and engagement; creating, testing, articulating, and advancing knowledge and leadership.

Distinctive Strategies

To achieve these goals, the Swearer Center aims to:

  • Create an environment that facilitates student exploration, responsibility, and learning over time.
  • Invest in long-term community relationships and partnerships that align University and community resources and needs.
  • Integrate community work as a transformational force in the scholarship and life of the university.
  • Offer practical resources such as experience and expertise, relationships and networks, and skill development and funding.