Innovate Winter Break

Innovate Winter Break is a "mini internship" program providing opportunities for student interns to work on engaging projects for two weeks during winter break within social enterprise and nonprofit organizations. Students will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience working with innovative social change organizations and companies as well as build concrete professional skills through the completion of a tangible project. We are excited to announce that for the 2014-15 academic year placements will be offered in both Boston and New York City. Additionally, all interns will be awarded a modest stipend to help offset living and travel expenses.

This program is jointly administered by the Social Innovation Initiative and BrownConnect — the newest addition to CareerLAB's suite of services — working with Brown alumni to create internship and research opportunities that strengthen students' academic experiences and help prepare them for life after Brown.

We are pleased to announce 20 host organizations for Innovate Winter Break 2015:



Exo, Inc.

Park East High School


Center for NYC Neighborhoods

She’s the First

Taproot Foundation

Joshua Venture Group

Cypress Hills Local Development Corp.

Eye to Eye

Global Impact Investing Network

Generation Citizen


City Year

Year Up, Inc.

New Profit, Inc.

Real Food Challenge

JOIN for Justice

Partners in Health

We recommend that you explore the organizations' websites to learn more about their missions and activities and then follow this link to view internship project/job descriptions.

To apply, follow this link to the Brown CareerLAB Student Job and Internship Board. You must log in and search for “Innovate NYC” or "Innovate Boston" — depending on your city of interest. Be sure to use quotations to find the correct listing. The application requires a personal statement and a resume. You must pick a first choice organization, and you may designate a second choice organization. However, focus on your first choice because your application will only be forwarded to your second choice if that organization was unable to find any suitable candidates amongst their first-choice applicant pool. Applications are due November 7, 2014.

Questions? Email or

 Program Expectations:

 • Innovate Winter Break projects will take place from January 5-16. Students are expected to work full time for their placement organization during these two weeks.

 • Each project will have a deliverable (i.e., website, curriculum, project evaluation, training manual) at the conclusion of the 2-week period.

 • Participants are required to attend an opening reception/orientation prior to winter break and two group events during the 2-week period.

 • A written reflective statement from each participant is required for submission by January 23.

 Eligibility Requirements:

 You are eligible to apply if you meet ALL of the following criteria.

 • You must be an active Brown undergraduate student (students graduating in December 2014 are not eligible).

 • You must submit a resume and personal statement via the Brown Student Job and Internship Board by the deadline of November 7, 2014. The cover letter/personal statement is an important part of your application. Pay close attention to detail and remember to proofread read your statement. Pay close attending to the following:

1) Why do you want to participate in Innovate NYC or Boston 2015?
2) Which project would you like to work on and why?
3) What skills and experiences do you have that make you a good fit for the position?
4) (Optional) If you do not receive an offer from your first choice organization, would you consider an offer from another organization and, if so, which one?

Please note that your second choice organization may be in either the Innovate NYC or Boston program but you should submit only an application to ONE program; either Innovate NYC or Boston, whichever is your first choice. 

How to Apply:

• When the application becomes available in mid October, log into the Brown Student Job and Internship Board and search "Innovate NYC" or "Innovate Boston — depending on your city of interest. Be sure to use quotations to find the correct listing.

• The application deadline is November 7, 2014.

• If chosen for an interview, employers will contact you and schedule the interview between November 10-24.

• Employers will notify you if you are selected for their project by Monday, November 24.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I apply for multiple positions in separate cities?

You can apply for only ONE position, but if there is a second organization that you would consider an offer from you can note that in your personal statement. That second organization can be in a different city than your first choice organization. You can indicate your second choice organization in a single sentence at the bottom of your personal statement by writing: "I would also consider and offer from [name of organization.]" .

If I received funding from LINK, UTRA, iProv, or CCG in NYC can I apply for Innovate Winter Break? If I am selected for Innovate and receive funding, am I still eligible to apply for these programs in the future?

Yes, to both. If you have been funded by Brown for another research or internship opportunity you are still eligible for Innovate Winter Break. And, being selected for the Innovate Winter Break program does not disqualify you from applying for other funded Brown opportunities. However, you can only receive funding for the Innovate Winter Break program once. Students who receive stipends this year will not be eligible to apply for the program next year.

If I participated in the Innovate Winter Break program last year, can I apply again this year?

Yes, because Innovate NYC 2014 was unfunded, you may apply again this year. Going forward, students will only be able to participate in the Innovate Winter Break program one time while they are at Brown.