Cliff Weitzman


Hero is an app that allows you to know when people around you are in danger. There is a big button on the app that says “HELP.” If a user is afraid of being robbed or raped, if they broke their leg or are having a heart attack, they can press the button, which will send a push notification (like an amber alert) to all users of the Hero Network (anyone who has downloaded the app) within a 1 mile radius of the victim. Once the message is swiped, the app will provide the people alerted with a map that shows a clear map from their location to that of the victim. It will also show the victims facebook profile picture and name. A call to action will appear on the screen to prompt the alerted user to help. 

The app targets people who want to help, as opposed to those who want to ask for help. There is a lot of social capital to sharing that you downloaded the app on social media, and that contributes to its viral growth model. The four-person team is composed of an IOS developer who won “Best IOS App” at Yale’s hackathon, an amazing backend developer, and the two founders, both of whom have prior coding experience and a lot of entrepreneurship experience.