How to Apply

Social Innovation Fellowship grants students with up to $4,000 each to support an intensive summer immersion project grounded in the entrepreneurial principles of innovation, impact, and sustainability. In addition to monetary support, the Fellowship provides intensive skills training and the support of a community of social entrepreneurs on campus through mentoring and peer critique.  

Students participating in the Fellowship will include:

  • C.V. Starr Social Entrepreneurship Fellows: For undergraduate students from Brown University. 
  • Leslie Altman Social Entrepreneurship FellowFor one undergraduate female student from Brown University working on issues of education, gender equality, public art, and/or community development. Read more about the Leslie Altman Fellowship here.
  • RISD Fellows: For undergraduate and graduate students from the Rhode Island School of Design.
  • Taubman Center Fellows: For graduate students from the Taubman Center for Public Policy’s Masters in Public Affairs program.  

Our Expectations

In addition to completing a 10-week full-time immersion project during the summer of 2014, Fellows are expected to participate actively in the Fellowship community. This entails:

  • Attending two half-day retreats 
  • Attending weekly meetings on Wednesday evenings, which take the form of either a Small Group Meeting or Workshop (2-3 hrs/week)
  • Documenting progress of their project on the SII website through a series of blog posts
  • Mentoring applicants for the following year’s class of Fellows, as well as mentoring admitted Fellows throughout their year in the program (1 hr/month)

How to Apply

We ask applicants for the Social Innovation Fellowships to submit robust and detailed applications. Applicants who submit draft applications will be assigned 2-3 fellowship and Brown alumni advisors to help them hone their project and their proposals. This is not required but is highly recommended. Applicants are also encouraged to meet with Fellowship Directors Lizzie Pollock and Alan Harlam prior to submitting an application.

Application Timeline 

  • Draft Proposals due:  November 2014
  • Final Proposal due: December 2014
  • Applicants notified: January 2015
  • Fellows must notify the University if they plan to take a leave of absense for the following fall semester