Janet Isserlis

(401) 863-2839

Janet Isserlis has worked with adult immigrants and refugees since 1980. She works with area adult literacy practitioners and learners to expand professional development opportunities, increase educators' capacity to use on-line technology, and assist in improving delivery of services to adult learners. She also advises student programs combining literacy, adult learning and the arts.

In addition to classroom work, she is a co-author of Making Connections: A Literacy and EAL Curriculum from a Feminist Perspective, author of a number of articles about language/literacy learning, assessment and practitioner research, and a 1999-2000 Literacy Leadership fellow of the National Institute for Literacy. Janet facilitates teacher education workshops at educational and regional sites as well as national adult education meetings and conferences. Janet completed a Master's degree in English as a second language and cross-cultural studies at Brown in 1991, and holds a teaching degree from the Rhode Island School of Design.