Tieisha Tift

When Tieisha Tift was offered the opportunity to serve as a first-year College Adviser at E-Cubed Academy in Providence, she couldn’t believe her good fortune! Born, raised, and educated in Trenton, NJ for most of her life, she developed a low tolerance for educational and racial inequities and the concomitant social consequences at an early age. Having graduated from Columbia University in May of 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in Urban Studies and Education—due in no small part to the support provided by the Princeton University Preparatory Program—Tieisha looks forward to using her personal and academic experiences to open greater opportunities to her students. Whenever she can, Tieisha tries (unsuccessfully) to fight her obsession with Les Twins and sneaks home to NJ, where she enjoys being bitten, trambled, and spilled upon by her baby cousins. If you see her dance-walking awkwardly through the streets of Providence, earbuds in and Blackberry in hand (yes, Tieisha still uses a Blackberry and yes, she dances with it in public. She’s cool like that), feel free to wave “Hello!”