What is a WiSE Affinity?

WiSE collaborates with many other student groups on campus.  Each group offers unique opportunities, and WiSE seeks to bring those areas of study together, increasing the number of resources women in the STEM fields at Brown have available to them. 

2014-2015 WiSE Affinity Groups

Group Contact Name


Valerie Zabala - Tracey Suter - Jenna Kodak - Amy Sinclair - Megan Leyrer


Cindy Abarca - Laura Kulowski - Rebecca Rieke

 Society of Women Engineers (SWE)

Lucy Duan - Anna Brown - Sarah Dugan

Women in Computer Science (WiCS)

Allison Hamburger - Miranda Chao - Sarah Scahs - Julia Wu 

Physics WiSE
Kallan Berglund Elizabeth Gurin