Courses are listed below according to the three basic fields of Contemplative Studies: Humanities, Sciences, and the Creative Arts. "Core courses" are listed first within each category. "Important relevant courses" will vary based upon the student's specific concentration focus. This is not an all-inclusive list and it will vary from semester to semester. Relevant new courses in these fields will often be taught by the following faculty who have contemplative interests and who also sometimes advise students in relevant topics.


Michelle Bach-Coulibaly (TAPS)
Kym Moore (TAPS)
Christopher Moore (NEUR)
Thalia Field (LITR)
Forrest Gander (LITR)
Todd Winkler (MUSC)
Willoughby Britton (BIOM-UNIV)
Albert Dahlberg (BIOM)
Carole Deboer-Langworthy (ENGL) 
Erik Ehn (TAPS)
Christopher Hill (PHILO)
Catherine Kerr (UNIV-CLPS)
Monica Linden (NEUR)
John Bradley Marston (PHYS)
Amy Remensnyder (HIST)
Harold D. Roth (RELS)
Victoria Smith (HISP) 
Takeo Watanabe (CLPS)
Jeffrey Poland (STS)
Michael Kennedy (SOC)



Core Courses

EAST 1880D Early Daoist Syncretism (Roth)
EAST 195 S: History and Philosophy of Rinzai Zen Buddhism (Roth)
ENGL 1180E S0: Lifewriting (deBoer-Langworthy)
HISP 0100: Introductory Spanish (Smith)
HISP 0400: Intermediate Spanish (Smith)
PHIL 1520 Consciousness (Hill)
PHIL 1750: Epistemology (Hill)
PHIL 1770: Philosophy of Mind (Hill)
RELS 0040: Great Contemplative Traditions of Asia (Roth)
RELS 1441: Zen Meditation in China, Korea, and Japan (Roth)
UNIV0540: Introduction to Contemplative Studies (Roth)

Important Relevant Courses

CLAS 1120G Idea of Self (Pucci)
COLT 0710U Leaves as Words: A Survey of Japanese Literature (Viswanathan)
COLT0081 Tales and Talemakers of the Non-Western World- (Levy)
EAST 0180 Japan: Nature, Ritual, and the Arts (Sawada)
EAST 1420 The Confucian Mind (Sawada)
EDUC1290 From theory to practice in engaged scholarship ( Heffernan)
EDUC1580 Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Child Development (Li)
EDUC1860 The Social Context of Learning and Development
JUDS 0050D: Astrology, Magic, and Science (Kozodoy)
JUDS 0980U: Mysticism and Politics in the History of Hasidism
LITR 1110R: Performance Dimensions of Text (Field)
LITR 1150A: Ecopoetics in Practice (Field)
PHIL 0010: The Place of Persons (Christensen)
PHIL 0111: Personal Identity (Dunlop)
PHIL 0200D: Thinking Through Faith (Heck)
RELS 0065: On Being Human: Religious and Philosophical Conceptions of Self (Lewis)
RELS 0190 Japanese Religious Traditions (Sawada)
RELS 0120: Foundations of Chinese Religions (Roth)
RELS 0130: The Hindu Tradition
RELS 01370B: Philosophy of Mysticism (Bush)
RELS 0140: Religions in India
RELS 1430: Classics of East Asian Buddhism (Sawada)
RELS 1440: Themes in Japanese Buddhism (Sawada)
SCSO1550E: Science and Religion (Poland)
SCSO 1700P: Neuroethics (Poland)
SOC 1871S:  Knowledge, Networks and Global Transformation (Kennedy)
SOC 1871Z:  Martial Arts, Culture and Society (Kennedy)
UNIV 1520: The Shaping of World Views (Almeida)


Core Courses

BIOL 1950: Directed Research: Contemplative Science (Britton)
BIOL 1960: Independent Study in the Contemplative Sciences (Britton)
CLPS 1970 S32: Directed Readings in Cognitive, Linguistic and Psychological Sciences (Watanabe)
NEUR 1540: The Neurobiology of Learning and Memory (Linden)
UNIV 0090: Meditation and the Brain (Kerr and Britton)
UNIV 1000: Cognitive Neuroscience of Meditation (Kerr)

Other Relevant Courses

CLPS 0200 Human Cognition
CLPS 0500 Perception and Mind
CLPS 0701 Personality (Hayden)
CLPS 0900 Quantitative Methods in Psychology
CLPS 1610 Cognitive Development
CLPS 1490 Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Theory and Practice
CLPS 0040 Mind and Brain: Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience
CLPS 0700 Social Psychology (Malle)
CLPS 1700 Abnormal Psychology (Hayden)
CLPS 1480A Cognitive Neuroscience of Emotion
NEUR 0100 Introduction to Neuroscience
NEUR 0700: Psychoactive Drugs and Society (Patrick)
NEUR 1940 D: Higher Cortical Function (Sheinberg)
NEUR 1940 I: Neural Correlates of Consciousness (Sanes)

Creative Arts

Core Courses

MUSC 0063: Indian Contemplative Music (Reddy)
TAPS 0230: Acting (Moore)
TAPS 0930C: The Actor’s Instrument (Moore)
TAPS 1281O: Acting Outside the Box: Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality in Performance (Moore)
TAPS 1280T: Contemporary Mande Performance (Bach-Coulibaly)
TAPS1500G: Special Topics in Playwriting: Gravity and Grace: Seven Ways of Writing (Ehn)
TAPS 1500K: The Practical Dionysus: Pseudo-Dionysus and Dion Boucicault (Ehn)
TAPS 1500L: Acting Together on the World Stage: Writing and Political Performance (Ehn)

Important Relevant Courses

MUSC 0021E: Good Vibrations: The Music of Everyday Objects (Rovan)
MUSC 0221: Electroacoustic Improv Ensemble – (Rovan)
MUSC 0651: Javanese Gamelon (Perlman)
MUSC 0041: World Music Cultures (Middle East and Asia) (Perlman)
MUSC 1240A: Sonic Psychogeography (Osbourne and Biggs)
MUSC 1240B: Narrative and Immersion (Winkler)
MUSC 1961: Advanced Ghanaian Drumming – (Obeng)
LITR0310A: Poetry in Service to Schools and the Community (Benjamin)