Summer Intensive

Contemplative Studies Summer Intensive

June 23 - August 8, 2014

An Introduction to Contemplative Studies
(H. Roth): TU/TH 1:30-5:30pm
Introduction to the new field of Contemplative Studies focusing on identifying methods human beings have found, across cultures and across time, to concentrate, broaden and deepen conscious awareness.  We will study what these methods and experiences entail, how to critically appraise them, how to experiene them ourselves, and how they influence the development of empathy, health, and well-being.  

Meditation and the Brain:  Applications in Basic and Clinical Science
(J.Davis/W. Britton/C. Kerr): M/W 8:30am-12:20pm
This class is a detailed exploration of the most recent neuroscientific research of meditation.  The course explores the cognitive, affective, and neurophysiological effects of meditation practices with reference to their clinical applications in health, psychiatry and medicine. Current methodological challenges and directions for future research will also be explored.   

Contemplative Approaches to Living and Dying
UNIV 0333
(Jared Lindahl_: M/W/F/ 1-3:40pm 
One of the central components of a religious tradition are beliefs about the meaing of human existence - a meaning that is constructed in relation to the significance of one's inevitable death, the nature of the afterlife, and conceptions of salvation.  These core beliefs also deeply inform the ethics, rituals, and contemplative practices of religious communities.  Through an investigation of four case studies, this course will explore how different religious traditions oreint human life in relationship to a meaningful death.  Particular emphasis will be placed on contemplative practices for skillful living and dying and on relating to death through rituals.   


The Summer Intensive also features meditation instruction, guest lectures, a film series, contemplative parties, performances of contemplative music, and a field trip to an area contemplative practice center.  

One Course: $7104
Two Courses: $10,478

Limited residences at Contemplative House available 

One Course: $3,604
Two Courses: $6,978


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