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Student CAC Event - TRIANGLES

Student Creative Arts Council is having its second TRIANGLE this Sunday, January 29th at 7pm at 161 Benefit St, Apt #2. 

The evening will consist of:
Raillan Brooks (Urban Studies and Sociology, '13), The Post-Algorithmic City
Eleanor Skimin (Performance Studies, Phd candidate), Home
Rebecca Henriksen (Performance Studies, Phd candidate), (Wittgenstein) My Everyday Body, Everyday Bathtub

TRIANGLES is a monthly lecture series showcasing the work of three individuals form different disciplines (students, faculty or alumni). Presenters do not focus on a predetermined theme for their talks, but instead, set the ground for an open discussion with the aim of spawning the discovery of commonalities and contentions among the subjects. We welcome a diverse audience excited to learn from other fields and add to discussion.