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What can I do with a degree in Development Studies?

Featured Alumni


ThawZin AungGyi '15 is studying at Oxford to get a Masters in Public Policy.


Natasha Blackadar '15 is in San Francisco for the next year working as a Resident in Social Enterprise (RISE) Fellow with New Sector Alliance. That fellowship includes a full-time job at TechSoup.

David Adler ' 14 just completed his Fulbright in Mexico and is beginning his Rhodes placement.


 Marcelia recently launched the social enterprise wedding dress brand Celia Grace.


 Jorge was responsible for the implementation of a village savings and loans project that was part of a larger food security project.

After working in DC, Hannah joined the Peace Corps where she served as an education volunteer in northern Zambia for two years.

Michael Johnson received an American India Foundation William J Clinton Fellowship to pursue innovation in waste management.


And what others are doing...

Non-Profit Sector

  • Research Consulting at Caritas Internationalis
  • Communications at the Global Fund for Women
  • Advocacy work at Oxfam America and Reading Partners
  • Running a public radio show in India
  • Founding NGOs, such as GOALS Haiti, the Mali Health Organizing Project, and the Creative Kid Project in Vietnam
  • the World Bank
  • Foundations such as the Clinton Foundation
  • NGOs in the US: Population Services International, the Union of Concerned Scientists, the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress, Shared Hope International and many more!
  • NGOs in Indonesia, India, and Mozambique
  • Social Entrepreneurship: Ashoka, Pave, New Sector Alliance, Echoing Green

Private Sector

  • Financial & Strategy Consulting at Capital One, Mahindra & Bain
  • Paralegal
  • Google
  • International Risk Consultancy

Fellowships & Service

  • Fulbright Scholars in Sri Lanka and Morocco
  • Princeton in Asia, Princeton in Africa, and Princeton in Latin America
  • Peace Corps Volunteers in Jordan & Zambia
  • Fellow at the American India Foundation William J. Clinton
  • Fellowships at Government agencies such as the Department of State

Graduate/Professional Schools

  • Studying Medicine at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine
  • Studying Law at Harvard and other top law schools
  • Getting their Masters and PhDs at top research universities