DS Seniors

Class 2015

Aasha JacksonAasha Jackson

Aasha Jackson

Aasha is fascinated by the connections between population structure and politics, and what this means for development. Her thesis analyzes the effects of American foreign policy on family planning service provision in sub-Saharan Africa.


Annie SholarAnnie Sholar

Annie Sholar

Annie is interested in how individuals in the global North fit into (or don't) the work of development in the global South, and how issues of privilege are addressed (or not) in development organizations and projects. She plans to investigate ethical consumption and fair trade movements in her thesis.

Austin ColeAustin Cole

Austin Cole

Austin's academic and professional interests revolve around the social, economic, and political empowerment of marginalized groups and individuals, especially in the Western Hemisphere. His thesis focuses on the challenges, limitations, and possibilities of the Afro-Ecuadorian social movement and its relationship with the '21st Century Socialist' politics in Ecuador.


Dulma AltanDulma Altan

Dulma Altan

Dulma Altan is a senior interested in exploring consumer perceptions of retail brands that contribute to a development cause. By examining the effects of cause marketing on consumer purchase intent in the social enterprise sector, she wishes to analyze the efficacy and assumptions of the rapidly growing social enterprise movement.

Emily GoldmanEmily Goldman

Emily Goldman

Emily strongly believes in the power of the arts to mobilize underprivileged populations, improve community health, and educate. Her thesis explores Western cultural diplomacy initiatives targeting the Middle East and the role of Egyptian rappers in the revolutionary and post-revolutionary period from 2011 to the present.

Felix TetteyFelix Tettey

Felix Tettey

Felix double concentrates in DS & Economics and is interested in the role of business in development. His thesis explores the economic disparity between northern and southern Ghana.

Himani SoodHimani Sood

Himani Sood

Himani's work with communities in the Indo-Himalayas exposed her to the adverse effects of rapid development and modernisation. She is interested in local models of sustainable development, specifically indigenous architecture and active citizenry.

Jeanette Sternberg LambJeanette Sternberg Lamb

Jeanette Sternberg Lamb

Jeanette’s interests include community health, women’s rights, participatory democracy, human rights, and grassroots movements. She spent her summer in American Samoa drinking coconut water and doing research on pregnancy in the context of the obesity epidemic in American Samoa. She is writing her thesis on maternal perceptions of health and the production of health knowledge on the island. She is President of the DS DUG this semester and would be happy to meet any potential or current concentrators. Hope to meet you all soon. 

Ignacio SemereneIgnacio Semerene

Ignacio Semerene

Ignacio's main academic interests concern socially and environmentally sound practices. He is writing his thesis on the topic as it pertains to entrepreneurship in his home country, Ecuador. 

Linh TranLinh Tran

Linh Tran

Linh is a double-concentrator in Economics and Development Studies who is passionate about innovation, entrepreneurship and global politics. She is currently starting a social enterprise and writing her thesis on Small and Medium Business in Vietnam.

Madeline SchlisselMadeline Schlissel

Madeline Schlissel

Madeline Schlissel's experience living and working in Kenya encouraged her to pursue an education which focuses on untangling the web between politics, economics, and conflict in East Africa. In her thesis, she attempts to explain the variation in policies toward international adoption in Sub-Saharan Africa by relating them to both socio-economic indicators, and colonial experiences. 

Mariana CarvalhoMariana Carvalho

Mariana Carvalho

 Mariana is a double-concentrator in DS and Economics interested in corporate social accountability, public and private sector partnerships, and women's financial literacy. She has interned at several not-for-profit organizations, as well as in investment banking, and hopes to continue to explore the intersections between finance and non-profits.

Myron LamMyron Lam

Myron Lam


Myron is a Development Studies and Economics double-concentrator from Hong Kong. His capstone project builds upon his summer experience working on a social venture to help empower ethnic minority farmers in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. 


Natasha BlackadarNatasha Blackadar

Natasha Blackadar

Natasha is interested in pretty much everything related to development, from social entrepreneurship and microfinance to gender rights in post-Soviet states. Because she did finally have to decide on a single topic for her thesis, she is writing about knowledge production and humanitarianism in the Global South in order to better understand what the role of development workers should be throughout various international communities.

Sofia RuizSofia Ruiz

Sofia Ruiz

Sofia Ruiz is a senior interested in exploring mental health as a human right. She is from Mexico City and examines how the mental healthcare system functions in Mexico. She also studies larger theoretical and ideological issues of mental health as a human right. Sofia is specifically interested in what role (if any) western, World Health Organization ideas of mental health and human rights play in Mexico and to what extent this has been translated culturally and in practice domestically.


Thawzin Aung GyiThawzin Aung Gyi

Thawzin Aung Gyi

ThawZin Aung Gyi, from Myanmar (Burma), currently writes a thesis on the ethnic conflict and peace process of Myanmar. He is interested in exploring topics of national reconciliation, economic development and institutional structures that promote development with a commitment to helping his country after he graduates. 

Tomas Quinonez-RiegosTomas Quinonez-Riegos

Tomas Quinonez-Riegos

Tomás is a student of Development because of his interest in pursuing a critical study of efforts to "do good" on the international scale.  His thesis explores the social entrepreneurship sector in Mexico.

Yuki DavisYuki Davis

Yuki Davis

Yuki is fascinated by the interaction of global traditions, gender equality, post-conflict transition, and human rights through the lens of international development. Her thesis explores the role of community participation in public health programs as a tool of empowerment.