5th Year UEP Option for Brown Undergraduates


The 5th-Year Master's Degree option allows Brown undergraduates to continue at the University for a master's degree after completing their bachelor's degrees. One  of the nine required for the master's degree in the Urban Education Policy Program may be completed while the student is an undergraduate to be counted toward their elective courses. We have compiled a list of suggested electives. The seven core courses must be taken while in residence. Students must apply for this program before they complete their undergraduate studies. Admission must be approved by the department in which the master's degree is sought and by the Graduate School. Brown 5th year students that are admitted to the Urban Education Policy Program are not able to defer their admission.


All admission decisions for graduate programs are made at the program level. Rising juniors and seniors who are interested in pursuing a 5th-Year Master's should contact faculty in their intended programs. Students must complete the online application.  Applicants are not required to take the GRE.

Financial Aid

Undergraduate financial-aid awards do not extend into graduate school. The Urban Education Policy Program may offer financial support to their 5th-Year Master’s students in keeping with their competitive admission criteria. Please contact Ann_D'Abrosca@brown.edu, Asst. Director of Graduate and Special Programs in Education for details.