Brown University School of Engineering


Professor of Engineering Dan Mittleman

New Faculty Joins the School of Engineering

Frequencies in the terahertz range could greatly increase the capacity of wireless communications systems. Daniel Mittleman is working to solve technical challenges that would make terahertz improvements possible.

Daniel Mittleman’s main research area can be found somewhere between the infrared and the microwave frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum. It’s a swath of frequencies known as the terahertz range — an emerging research area.

Professor of Engineering Chris Rose

New Faculty Joins the School of Engineering

As a professor of engineering, Christopher Rose will continue his work in communications theory. As associate dean of the faculty, he will cobble together multidisciplinary faculty, postdoctoral, and graduate student teams by building on what he sees as the unusual technical breadth of underrepresented minorities in STEM disciplines.

Christopher Rose has a rather broad view of his chosen field of communication theory. It’s a cosmic-scale view, one might say.

NSF Grant

Brown to lead $4-million solar cell research grant

A possible advance in solar power:
Solar cells made from perovskites have great potential for high efficiency and low cost, but more research is necessary to scale them up to mass production. A new federal grant will support that effort and other perovskite improvements at Brown University, Rhode Island College and the University of Nebraska–Lincoln.

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