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Superfund staff talk with environment, energy leaders

“We’re talking to all of them”:

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse convened his Fifth Annual Rhode Island Energy and Environmental Leaders Day Friday at the Rhode Island Convention Center. Faculty and staff from Brown's Superfund Research Program were on hand to discuss their work.

A ‘Clear’ choice for clearing 3-D cell cultures

A "Clear" Solution:
Scientists have hailed recent demonstrations of chemical technologies for making animal tissues see-through, but a new study is the first to evaluate three such technologies side-by-side for use with engineered 3-D tissue cultures.

Controlling a NASA robot on the web

It shouldn’t be rocket science:

Computer scientists from Brown University and the University of Texas–Austin visited NASA’s Johnson Space Center for a week-long hackathon to provide computers and tablets with a simple web interface that can operate complex systems for the remote control of robots.

NSF funds research on bio-informed ‘smart lights’

Shut Eye:

A new collaboration between sleep researchers and engineers at Brown University, funded by the National Science Foundation, may be the first step toward “smart lighting” that tunes the interior environment — the wavelength, intensity, direction, and other factors of artificial light — to accommodate human biological rhythms of sleep and wakefulness.

SOE Ice Bucket Challenge

More than 40 School of Engineering faculty, staff, students, and friends participated in the ice bucket challenge. Proceeds benefited both the Speak Your Mind Foundation, which assists ALS patients, and Brown Gives Green charities.

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