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Gingerbread House Competition

SWE Hosts Annual "Extreme Gingerbread House Competition"

The Brown University Society for Women Engineers (SWE) will be sponsoring its ninth annual "Extreme Gingerbread House Competition" on Friday, December 4, from 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. in the lobby of the Barus and Holley building.

Bats Use Weighty Wings to Land Upside Down

A complex maneuver:
In order to roost upside down on cave ceilings or tree limbs, bats need to perform an aerobatic feat unlike anything else in the animal world. Researchers from Brown University have shown that it’s the extra mass in bats’ beefy wings that makes the maneuver possible.

Self-calibration Enhances BrainGate Ease, Reliability

Typing with BrainGate:
Innovations in the decoders of the investigational BrainGate brain-computer interface now allow the system to recalibrate itself. Users can work with BrainGate for longer sessions without interruptions for recalibration by technical staff.

Tissue Engineers Recruit Cells to Make their Own Strong Matrix

Aligned and alit:

Extracellular matrix is the material that gives tissues their strength and stretch. It’s been hard to make well in the lab, but a Brown University team reports new success. The key was creating a culture environment that guided cells to make ECM themselves.

Researchers transform slow emitters into fast light sources

Quick Change:

Phosphors are efficient light emitters but they’re not optimal for high-speed communications because they turn on and off slowly. Researchers from Brown and Harvard have now found a way to modulate light from phosphor emitters orders of magnitude faster using phase-change materials, which could make phosphors useful in a range of new optoelectronic applications.

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