Brown University School of Engineering

Concentration Forms

During their fourth semester, students must file two concentration forms. They submit the same form to the University Registrar and the Engineering Office of Student Affairs (Barus & Holley Room 3rd floor south). Both forms must be filed.

Through the submission of these forms, a student indicates his or her candidacy for either an A.B. or an Sc.B. degree in Engineering, and selects a particular field of Engineering for concentration. In making this selection, each student is encouraged to consult with faculty members in his or her areas of interest — especially members of the Engineering Concentration Committee who are responsible for advising in these areas.

What steps must I complete to concentrate in Engineering?

  1. Students should consult with the appropriate Engineering Concentration Advisor(s) by the end of their fourth semester. The student and advisor should plan an entire program, including the selection of all upper level courses, in order to assure that all prerequisites are satisfied and that scheduling conflicts are avoided. The complete concentration program must be described on the Engineering Concentration Form. This includes those courses selected to meet concentration requirements, as well as all technical and non-technical electives.
  2. Students should fill in the online concentration form to declare their plan of study. You need to use Internet Explorer to access the system at this link: - Please copy and paste into an Internet Explorer window. This is then forwarded to the concentration advisor for electronic approval. Once this is complete the Chairman of the Concentration Committee logs in online to approve the plan.
  3. Students should print a copy of the online form to submit directly to the university Registrar's office. You don't need to fill in the carbon copy form with essays on the Registrar's form (unless you really want to). 

After you file a concentration form, you will receive official notification from the chair of the Concentration Committee notifying you that your concentration has been approved as filed, or if it cannot be approved, you will be informed what changes need to be made to meet ABET requirements. 

A concentration program is not officially approved until a copy has been signed and approved by the Chairman of the Concentration Committee. Approval by an individual Concentration Advisor does not constitute final official approval of the program. Revisions to the Engineering Concentration Form must be made whenever a change of course plan occurs. These changes should be discussed with the appropriate Concentration Advisor, and the revised form must be resubmitted online. Subsequent approval by the Engineering Concentration Committee is then required.

It is the student’s responsibility to file a revised Engineering Concentration Form with Brown Engineering each and every time a deviation from the approved program occurs. Students who fail to file revised forms are following unapproved programs that may not allow them to complete degree requirements.

This form is essential - it is used to track compliance with ABET requirements.

Special Note on Independent Study Credit

If you wish to take an independent study course and count it towards concentration credit, you must file a School of Engineering Independent Study Online Proposal Form. You need to provide a brief description of your project in terms of AB   ET requirements, and ask your project advisor to fill in the part at the bottom of the form that indicates the design content of the course. IF YOU WISH TO USE THEEN195/EN196 COURSE TO MEET CAPSTONE DESIGN REQUIREMENTS (i.e. to replace ENGN1000 or equivalent) THE DESIGN CONTENT OF THE COURSE MUST BE AT LEAST 70%. Higher is better. Once you have completed your project you must submit a Final Report form.