Brown University School of Engineering

Electrical Engineering Research

Faculty and students are engaged in studying the interactions of electrons and photons with matter, exploiting their fundamental properties in devices at the nanometer and micrometer scale. Applications range from brain stimulation and signal recording using patterned metal probes, single-photon sources and optical nanoantennas, as well as quantum transistors, plasmonics, silicon based photonics and ultrafast optoacoustic.


  • Rod Beresford - molecular beam epitaxy, electronic materials and devices, quantum well and superlattice device physics. 
  • Leigh Hochberg - restorative neurotechnology for people with paralysis or limb loss, human intracortical neurophysiology and neuronal ensemble function. 
  • Larry LarsonWireless communications, semiconductor devices, high-frequency circuits, communications systems.  
  • Arto Nurmikko - nanophotonics, nanomaterials, and neuroengineering/neurotechnology. 
  • Domenico Pacifici - silicon-based microphotonics, nanophotonics, plasmonics, nanoengineered materials and devices for optical communication, sensing and energy-harvesting applications. 
  • Sherief Reda - very large scale integration (VLSI) design, nano-scale variability characterization, and low-power electronic design techniques.
  • Jacob Rosenstein - mixed-signal electronics, instrumentation, electrophysiology, nanopore sensors, embedded systems, VLSI, sensor interfaces, microfluidics.
  • Jimmy Xu - fabrication and physics of novel nanostructures, DNA-based molecular engineering, and opto-electronics. 
  • Alexander Zaslavsky - physics and technology of semiconductor microstructures and devices. 
  • Rashid Zia - nanophotonics, near-field optics, plasmonics, single emitter spectroscopy, single photon sources, and cavity-free QED.