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Job and Internship Listing

Brown School of Engineering Job and Internship Bulletin Board

The newly created School of Engineering Job and Internship Bulletin Board is a place for internships, employment, faculty projects, and other opportunities.
Please note that the bulletin board can only be accessed from Brown IP addresses (which means you can access on campus, or through the campus VPN if off campus). This is required since it is not a public site.

Brown Student Job and Internship Board

The Brown Student Job and Internship Board is a great online resource for finding internships or jobs anywhere in the world. Once you’ve activated your account, you can access thousands of national and international opportunities. Upload job application materials, sign up for on-campus interviews, and monitor the status of your applications, all in an easy online system. Employer postings are added daily.

AfterCollege Job and Internship Listings

In cooperation with AfterCollege, we have specific postings available to engineering students. These links include both full time positions and internship postings: