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Brown Engineering – Why hire us?

  •  Our education prepares students for any career they can imagine. We have concentrations in mechanical, electrical, biomedical, chemical and biochemical, environmental, materials, computer, and civil engineering, and our students learn mechanics, electronics, design, analysis, fabrication, research, leadership concepts, writing, presentation, entrepreneurship, and more.
  • Breadth and depth: our students are trained in critical thinking and lifelong learning from their liberal arts foundation, which they then build on to form a solid understanding engineering principles that gives them the ability to adapt as technology evolves
  • Engineering plus something else - our students study engineering, and have the ability to study across other complimentary areas to build nuances into their undergrad training.
  • Experiential learning - Our students have hands-on elements in all of their engineering courses, they take their learning beyond the classroom into their sophisticated co-curricular activities, such as building a car or designing a satellite. Our students have an excellent balance of foundational theory and experiential practice. 
  • Undergrad laboratory experience - our students engage in summer-long or semester long research positions in our faculty labs. They learn and work alongside experts in a range of fields which prepares them for real world complex problems
  • Our students are above and beyond collaborative, the Brown learning environment creates a wonderful balance of self-directed learners who are excellent colleagues. Brown students engage, support, and form networks with students and faculty throughout Brown in all that they do.

Companies interested in visiting the School of Engineering for introductory visits and to learn more about our programs, should contact:

Jennifer CasasantoJennifer Casasanto Jennifer Casasanto
Associate Dean for Programs and Planning
Brown University, School of Engineering 



Companies interested in posting job and internship opportunities for Brown School of Engineering undergraduate and graduate students should work with the Brown CareerLab. Please contact: 
Beverly  Ehrich
Career Advisor & Coordinator of Graduate Student Programs
Coordinator for STEM Career Fields