Choosing an Introductory English Course

There are several ways to enter the English curriculum at Brown. One would be to take a course that focuses entirely on academic writing for the university (ENGL0900--formerly 0110 or ENGL1030--formerly 0130). Another is to take an introductory course in writing for the world outside the university (ENGL0930--formerly 0180 or ENGL1050 Journalistic Writing sections--formerly 0160).  A third is to take one or more introductory English courses below the 1000-level (see the English Department fall 2015 prospectus or spring 2016 prospectus for complete descriptions).

English Literatures: Under 1000-level Literature Course Offerings for Fall 2015

Introductory General Topics Courses:

ENGL 0300, 0500, 0700 (formerly 0210, 0410 and 0610) are courses intended to give students a coherent sense of the literary history and the major critical developments during each of the department's three period-organized research fields.

  • ENGL 0500P, The Examined Self: Lives of the Soul
  • ENGL 0700N, City Novels
  • ENGL 0700Q, Poetic Cosmologies

Other Courses below 1000-level to be offered during Fall 2015

These courses are designed for students who are interested in taking introductory literature courses at Brown. ENGL 0150 (formerly 0360, 0560, 0760) are introductory seminars restricted to first-year students. All of these courses count toward concentration requirements in English.

  • ENGL 0150C, (formerly 0360E), The Medieval King Arthur
  • ENGL 0150J, (formerly 0560E), Inventing America
  • ENGL 0150Q, (formerly 0760H), Realism and Modernism
  • ENGL0310E, Shakespeare: The Screenplays
  • ENGL0510G, New Worlds, New Subjects
  • ENGL0510X, Cultures of Vision in 19th-Century America
  • ENGL0511A, Dickens: The Novel and Society
  • ENGL0710B, African American Literature and the Legacy of Slavery
  • ENGL0710L, Ishiguro, Amongst Others

Nonfiction Writing Course Offerings for Fall 2015

The Nonfiction Writing Program at Brown is committed to the principle that writing is integral to learning. The program uniquely links academic writing and creative nonfiction and journalism; this integration offers a comprehensive and flexible approach to prose writing. All courses are conducted in small seminars. For complete course descriptions and for section information, please consult the English Department fall 2015 prospectus or spring 2016 prospectus. Full descriptions for ENGL 0900, 0930, 1030, 1050, 1160, 1180, and 1190 for Fall 2015 can be found here. FAQs for Nonfiction Writing are linked here.

Writing for the University

These are introductory, intermediate, and advanced courses in nonfiction writing for students who wish to improve skills of composing and revising critical essays. The intermediate and advanced courses give more intensive experience in writing research papers, developing complex arguments, and using a variety of rhetorical strategies. Although many of these courses focus on literary subject matter, their purpose is to prepare students for writing at the college level in the entire range of the courses they are likely to take at Brown. Enrollment in each section is limited to 12 or 17. S/NC.

ENGL0900--formerly 0110 Critical Reading And Writing I: The Academic Essay

An introduction to university-level writing. Students produce and revise multiple drafts of essays, practice essential skills of paragraph organization, and develop techniques of critical analysis and research. Readings from a range of texts in literature, the media, and academic disciplines. Assignments move from personal response papers to formal academic essays. Sections 3 and 4 are reserved for first-year students.

ENGL1030--formerly 0130 Intermediate Critical Reading And Writing II: The Research Essay

For the confident writer. Offers students who have mastered the fundamentals of the critical essay an opportunity to acquire the skills to write a research essay, including formulation of a research problem, use of primary evidence, and techniques of documentation. Individual section topics are drawn from literature, history, the social sciences, the arts, and the sciences. Writing sample may be required.

Writing for the World Outside the University

These are courses in various genres of nonfiction prose writing that supplement the English Department's offerings in literature and creative writing. They help students acquire skills in specialized areas of writing. While they may include literary subject matter, these courses are not designed to help students master the writing skills required for their academic assignments as much as to give them some preparation for critical thinking and writing tasks in their extracurricular and service activities and even in life after Brown. These courses are for students who have mastered basic writing skills. Enrollment limited to 12 or 17. Writing sample required. S/NC.

ENGL0930--formerly 0180 Introduction To Creative Nonfiction

Designed to familiarize students with the techniques and narrative structures of creative nonfiction. Reading and writing will focus on personal essays, memoir, science writing, travel writing, and other related subgenres. Writing sample may be required. May serve as preparation for ENGL1180.

 ENGL1050 Intermediate Creative Nonfiction

For the more experienced writer. Offers students who show a facility with language and who have mastered the fundamentals of creative nonfiction an opportunity to write more sophisticated narrative essays. Sections focus on specific themes (e.g., medicine or sports; subgenres of the form) or on developing and refining specific techniques of creative nonfiction (such as narrative).  Sections also focus specifically on journalism.  Enrollment limited to 17. Writing sample required. Banner registrations after classes begin require instructor approval.  S/NC.

ENGL1140 Critical Reading And Writing III: Topics In Literary And Cultural Criticism

For advanced writers. Situates rhetorical theory and practice in contexts of cutting-edge literary, cultural, and interdisciplinary criticism, public discourse, and public intellectual debate. Individual sections explore one or more of the following subgenres: rhetorical criticism, hybrid personal-critical essays, case studies, legal argument and advocacy, documentary, satire, commentaries, and review essays. A writing sample will be administered on the first day of class. Class list will be reduced to 12 after writing samples are reviewed. Prerequisite: ENGL0930, 1030, or 1050. Preference will be given to English concentrators. Banner registrations after classes begin require instructor approval. S/NC.

ENGL1160 Special Topics In Journalism

For advanced writers. Class lists will be reduced after writing samples are reviewed during the first week of classes. Preference will be given to English concentrators.

ENGL1180 Special Topics In Creative Nonfiction

For advanced writing students. Practices nonfiction, using story-telling techniques of fiction and the figurative language of poetry. May focus on literary journalism, cultural criticism, historical narrative, nature writing, travel writing, or personal essay. Introduces rhetorical strategies of one or more genres through readings, written exercises, critiques, and revisions. Prerequisite: ENGL0930 or any 1000-level nonfiction writing course.

ENGL1190 Special Topics in Nonfiction Writing

For the advanced writer. A writing sample will be administered on the first day of class. Class list will be reduced to 17 after writing samples are reviewed. Prerequisite for most sections: ENGL0930 or any 1000-level nonfiction writing course. Preference will be given to English concentrators. Banner registrations after classes begin require instructor approval. S/NC.