Doctoral Dissertations 2009-2013

Alumnus Title of Dissertation
Adriane Genette  Social Spaces and Literary Spaces in Post-Apartheid South African Fiction 
Khristina Gonzalez  Malevolent Civility: The Victorian Novel and the Logic of Reform 
Austin Gorman  The Postwar American Novel and Mr. Keynes: Literature in the Age of Stabilizing Economic Disequilibrium 
Christine Baumgarthuber
Writing the Poverty Line: Dickens, Gissing, Orwell and the Social Scientists
Daniel Block
The Feel of Not to Feel it: British Romanticism, Melancholy Historiography, and the Degree Zero of Emotion
Christopher Holmes
Translation, the Hoax, and the Postcolonial Novel in a Global Age
Deborah Katz    
Bodies Unbound: Race, Gender, and Embodied Identity Politics in Recent Ethnic American Fiction
Wendy Lee                          
Miscegenated Genres: Interracial Form and the Politics of National Futurity in 1990s Asian American and African American Fiction
Laurel Rayburn                   
Un-hackneyed Solitudes: Recycled Fragments as Lyric Voice in the Poetry of Marianne Moore, Elizabeth Bishop, and Sylvia Plath
Hannah Sikorski                  

A Critical Romance: Modernism Rewrites Literary History 
David Babcock Biopower, Professional Subjectivity, and Anglophone Postcolonial Literary Studies: Ishiguro, Coetzee, Ondaatje
Dominique Groeneveld The Spoils of Shame: Queer Affect in the Works of Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, Radclyffe Hall, and Virginia Woolf 
Jonna Iacono Unimagined Communities: Literary Forms and Nationalism in 19th-Century America 
Corey McEleney The Pleasure in Error: Early Modern Romance and Poetic Futility
Bethany Shepherd Automatically Popular: Exoticism and Mass Media in Nineteenth-Century Fiction 
Rebecca Summerhays Victorian Fiction and the Origins of Modern Feeling
Jason Zysk Reforming Corporeality: Eucharistic Semiotics in Early Modern English Drama 
David Ackley Britain and the Discourse of the Folk, 1798-1901
John Melson Aesthetics in Place: Commercial Rhetoric and Local Identity in the British Atlantic, 1720-1820
Gina Rucavado Class Difference and the Struggle for Cultural Authority: Rereadings of Sedgwick, Emerson, Whitman and Hemingway
Emily Steinlight The Society of the Surplus: Literary Form and the Politics of Population in Nineteenth-Century British Culture
Brian Sweeney Professional Sentiments: Professionalism, Affect And American Literature, 1830-1910
Mary Denise Witzig The Letter of the Law: Rethinking the Woman Writer in the Works of Edith Wharton
Dawn Blizard Authentic Modernism: Ekphrasis and Objecthood in British and American Literature of the Early Twentieth Century
Manu Chander The Promise of Art and the Problem of Difference: Aesthetic Universalism in Romantic-Era Britain
Avak Hasratian The Death of Difference in American Modernism: Faulkner, Barnes, West
Stephen Koelz Speculating Experience: Marianne Moore, Elizabeth Bishop, James Merrill
Jeannette Lee Gendered Nations: Black Subjectivity in Late Twentieth-Century African American and Black Caribbean Narratives
Sian Silyn Roberts Gothic Enlightenment: American Fiction and the Limits of Sympathy, 1789-1850
Jacqueline Wernimont Writing Possibility: Early Modern Mathematics and Poetry