Nonfiction Writing Program


In the fall of 2006, The Expository Writing Program changed its title to The Nonfiction Writing Program in the English Department at Brown. The content of the program remains nonfiction in all its many sub-genres -- the academic essay, journalism, and creative nonfiction (memoir, literary journalism, lyric essay, historical narrative, travel essay, science writing, and cultural critique).

The Nonfiction Writing Program attracts students from all disciplines by offering courses ranging from critical reading and writing to real world writing. We are as concerned with the discourse of university intellectual life as with writing for non-academic audiences. To that end, the Nonfiction Writing Program brings together three forms of writing: academic essay, journalism, and creative nonfiction. The factual precision of journalism, the narrative and essayistic latitudes of creative nonfiction, and the intellectual rigor of academic discourse offer perspectives from which we can critique and rethink the conventional boundaries of each form of writing. We seek to redefine practices of reading and writing and thereby to gain a new perspective on our experiences with language. All classes are conducted in small seminar settings.

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Nonfiction Writing Program Faculty