Nonfiction Writing Program Publications

Prospect: An Anthology of Creative Nonfiction 

Editors, Beth Taylor and Catherine Imbriglio, housed and maintained by Brown's Scholarly Technology Group (STG)

The image to the right is from "Yachts by Herreshoff", a catalogue (circa 1935) of yachts built by the Herreshoff Company in Bristol, Rhode Island. It is a reproduction of a print made from a drawing by R. F. Paterson, of the 'Columbia' in the America's Cup race in 1899.

Prospect is a bi-annual anthology of nonfiction writing selected from work produced by students taking creative nonfiction courses in the Nonfiction Writing Program at Brown University.

Chronicles of Brunonia 

Editor, Beth Taylor, housed and maintained by Brown's Center for Digital Initiatives

“Chronicles of Brunonia” presents historical narratives of life at Brown University, spawned by the archival documents in John Hay Library and written by undergraduates. Most of the narratives here were written in creative nonfiction workshops taught by Beth Taylor in the Nonfiction Writing Program in the Department of English.

Students work with reference librarians in the Hay to find primary and secondary sources to help them visualize and corroborate the facts of a person, event, or phenomenon in Brown's history. In the workshop they draft and revise their story through several iterations with the help of suggestions from peers and the instructor. The end result is a shaped, fact-checked narrative that blends the scholarly methods of research and reflection with the storytelling techniques of narration, plot, scene, and characterization. All sources are carefully cited and linked from this site to the digitized original source (if available).

Writing Vietnam 

Editor, Beth Taylor, housed and maintained by Brown's Scholarly Technology Group (STG)

The Brown University Department of English and Creative Writing Program hosted a conference on "Writing Vietnam" from April 21 to April 23, 1999.

Nationally recognized writers of fiction, memoir, poetry, journalism, and biography read from and discussed their works based on their experiences in the Vietnam War.