• Campus Culture

    Campus Culture

    Doctoral and master's students make up a quarter of Brown’s student population. Learn about our graduate students,  culture, distinctive opportunities, and graduate programs.

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    Master Words Video Project

    Master Words is a social media project for master’s students seeking expertise. In this series, students reflect on a word in a short video. See the videos or explore the project.

  • Intellectual Community

    Intellectual Community

    Diego Luis, a first-year PhD student in History, was "pleasantly surprised" by the very welcoming scholarly community and early opportunities to present research at Brown. Read more about his experience.

  • Engaged Scholarship

    Engaged Scholarship

    Graduate students helped to diversify national historic landmarks by nominating a house used as a Foreign Mission School. Anni Pullagura and Sarah Dylla, two of 11 students who prepared the nomination, talk about the project and its impact

  • Interdisciplinary Inquiry

    Interdisciplinary Inquiry

    Jennifer Thum, an Archaeology student, focuses on Egyptian monuments and confers with experts in Egyptology and Anthropology. "What I found here was an openness to give me what is best for me, and the sense that the right people were going to be involved in my dissertation." Read more.

  • Open Graduate Education

    Open Graduate Education

    Ioana Jucan, a PhD student in Theatre Arts and Performance Studies, completed a master’s degree in Philosophy through the OGE program. “That work helped me define the conceptual framework for my dissertation,” she says. Read more. Design your own academic journey.

  • Research Opportunities

    Research Opportunities

    Graduate students play an important role in research at Brown. Meet Aaron Held, the PhD student who is a vital linchpin between two labs collaborating to disarm a horrible disease, ALS.  

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News and Announcements

Dinner-Seminar Focuses on Modern Middle East

The February 25 Academy in Context dinner-seminar features Beshara Doumani, the Director of Middle East Studies at Brown. His talk is entitled, "Torn Asunder: Displacement in the Making and Unmaking of the Modern Middle East." Graduate students and postdocs are invited to register to attend. He will discuss how the Middle East state system came to be, how massive displacements are reshaping not only that geographic area, but Europe and global politics. Learn more and register to attend.

GSC Calls for Commencement Speakers

The Graduate Student Council invites students who intend to complete their programs in May 2016 to apply to be the Commencement Speaker at the PhD Convocation or the Master's Convocation, both to be held on May 29.  Interested students can apply up until midnight on Sunday, February 28th . For more information, see the GSC website