• Empowering Support

    Empowering Support

    "What I like about the five-year guarantee is that it incentivizes collaboration," says Meghan Kallman about doctoral funding at Brown. "The guarantee also meant I could take intellectual risks and try out new ideas." Read More.

  • Effective Mentoring

    Effective Mentoring

    Stuart Geman "changed my perspective on thinking and learning," says Guangyao  Zhou, a PhD candidate in Applied Mathematics, about his advisor. “Stu cares about the problem and not just the statistical methods. He always learns about the problem first.” Read More.

  • Becoming a Scholar

    Becoming a Scholar

    “In the last year or two, I realized there might be a handful of people who have as much knowledge as I have on my very specialized area” in the history of photography, says Monica Bravo. She also has developed a teaching portfolio and secured grants. Read more.

  • Open Graduate Education

    Open Graduate Education

    PhD student Adam Nitenson is pursuing an innovation-management master’s degree through the Open Graduate Education program. “I want to strengthen my science communication skills,” says the neuroscience researcher. Read more

  • University Environment

    University Environment

    A quarter of Brown’s students are PhD and master’s candidates. The scale and culture of the University encourage close mentoring at all levels. 

  • Research Matters

    Research Matters

    Eric James is immersed in tadpole model research, which shows a link between fetal exposure to an epilepsy drug and autism-like effects. “We can use this to identify biological targets that we can potentially manipulate to effect a rescue,” said the PhD student and lead author of a Journal of Neuroscience paper. Read more. Hear his 5-minute talk.  

  • Global Engagement

    Global Engagement

    Graduate School international travel funds enabled Danielle Boucher (left) and Lauren Combs to conduct research in Colombia this winter. The Urban Education Policy Master’s students focused on federally subsidized career and technical education. Read More.

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News and Announcements

April Wellness Session on Alcohol Use in Grad School

Enjoy pizza, soda and discussions at one or both of the April sessions in the Graduate Wellness Series. The April 8 session will focus on alcohol use in graduate student life. The discussion will be led by Kathleen McSharry, Ph.D., Associate Dean of the College and Bruce E. Donovan Dean of Chemical Dependency in the Robert Center Room 225. No registration or attendance will be taken for these events.  

A Better Method for Making Perovskite Solar Cells

Research led by Yuanyuan Zhou, a doctoral Engineering student at Brown, has revealed a new way to make light-absorbing perovskite films for use in solar cells. The new method involves a room-temperature solvent bath to create perovskite crystals, rather than the blast of heat used in current crystallization methods.

All DCP Award Requests Met in Updated Process

The Graduate School is pleased to announce that all 89 Dissertation Completion Proposal requests for 2015-16 have been met. This year, the Graduate School piloted a new process for these DCP plans from rising sixth-year students in the Humanities and Social Sciences. The collaboration of academic programs, the Office of the Provost, the Graduate School and Centers and Institutes made it possible to meet these requests. Students are receiving award letters, beginning March 17.