• Shared Space

    Shared Space

    A quarter of Brown’s students are PhD and master’s candidates. The scale and culture of the University encourage close mentoring at all levels. 

  • Master's Education

    Master's Education

    Brown offers 28 Master's programs, ranging from Literary Arts to Computer Science. In May 2015, Brown conferred 520 Master's degrees, including the University's first Executive Master degrees. Learn about the programs.

  • Open Graduate Education

    Open Graduate Education

    Amy Teller, a PhD student in Sociology, is pursuing a master’s degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Having experience in the field and the lab makes a difference for someone who wants to integrate and communicate between the disciplines, she says. Design your own academic journey.

  • Loading Video...

    Master Words Video Project

    Master Words is a social media project for master’s students seeking expertise. In this series, students reflect on a word in a short video. Watch & learn more.

  • Intellectual Community

    Intellectual Community

    Diego Luis, a first-year PhD student in History, was "pleasantly surprised" by the very welcoming scholarly community and early opportunities to present research at Brown. Read more about his experience.

  • Career Pathways

    Career Pathways

    GradCON brings alumni and students together to network and talk about careers beyond the traditional academic path. Nearly 300 graduate students and 42 alumni attended the second annual event. Read the story.

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News and Announcements

Math Model Helps Show How Zebrafish Get Their Stripes

A mathematical model developed by Brown University researchers, including doctoral student in Applied Mathematics Alexandria Volkening, is shedding new light on how zebrafish get their iconic stripes. The model helps to demonstrate how two dynamic processes—the movement of pigment cells across the skin, and the birth and death of cells as the fish grows—combine to keep zebrafish stripes in line.

PhD Students Build on Bowen's Sigma-2 Discovery

Combatting cancer:

Brown University biologist Wayne Bowen didn’t know 25 years ago what would become of his discovery of the sigma-2 receptor, which may have substantial roles in cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. But at a national meeting in Chicago last month, it was clear his work had spawned a fertile and vibrant field. Doctoral students Cheri Liu and Hilary Nicholson attended with Bowen and presented research they conducted in the Bowen lab.