• Shared Space

    Shared Space

    A quarter of Brown’s students are PhD and master’s candidates. The scale and culture of the University encourage close mentoring at all levels.

  • Resilience


    Megan Creighton enjoys the variety of nanotechnology research, learning, and mentoring entailed in her doctoral studies. Your mindset is crucial, she says: “Have someone who can talk you down when you’re stressed. Then become that person for yourself.”

  • Professional Development

    Professional Development

    Mahmoud Samori supervised the excavation of four trenches at a Roman site this summer. The Ancient History candidate also trained field school students as archaeologists, taking pride in their development. 

  • Summer Research

    Summer Research

    Jennifer Thum used Reflective Transformation Imaging to get a better read on objects such as a scarab from Tel Megiddo. The doctoral student’s research in Israel will pay future dividends: access to the object and a light to scan its surface.

  • International Resources

    International Resources

    Müge Durusu-Tanrıöver used a Graduate School summer research grant to access the collections at the British Institute at Ankara. As part of her doctoral dissertation in Archaeology, she is working on the pottery traditions of the Hittite Empire. 

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News and Announcements

Graduate Student Orientation

Orientation for new graduate students will be held on August 29, 2014. The day begins on Simmons Quad with check-in and breakfast. Morning sessions include a welcome on the Main Green, briefings for master's and Ph.D. students, and a resource fair. Afternoon sessions will be with the Graduate Student Council, where you can ask your questions about life at Brown. More information.

Register for Teaching and Careers Workshop

A free October 3 workshop is available to Brown PhD students who may be interested in careers at teaching-intensive institutions. The workshop is hosted by Brown and its partners in a New England consortium. Session topics range from Teaching-Research Balance to Culturally Inclusive Pedagogy. Learn more and register.

Researchers Discover Boron “Buckyball”

The discovery of buckyballs — soccer-ball-shaped molecules of carbon — helped usher in the nanotechnology era. Now, Lai-Sheng Wang’s research group, including Chemistry doctoral students Wei-Li Li and Zachary Piazza, and colleagues from China have shown that boron, carbon’s neighbor on the periodic table, can form a cage-like molecule similar to the buckyball. Until now, such a boron structure had only been a theoretical speculation. The researchers dubbed their newfound nanostructure “borospherene.”

Virtual Crowds Produce Real Behavior Insights

Cognitive scientists in the Virtual Environment Navigation lab – including doctoral students Kevin Rio and Greg Dachner -- are advancing a frontier of behavioral research and technology.