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Chaplains & Religious Life

Brown’s Chaplains began serving the University in 1953 and today are a multi-faith team--Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, and Protestant—who oversee a group of 29 affiliated colleagues supporting more than two dozen student organizations. They care for the body, soul, mind and spirit of Brunonians, striving to nourish and to nerve the collective capacity to care for the world.  

Brown Chaplains work with students in all programs, as well staff, faculty and alumni/ae and strive to enrich the endeavors of individuals and traditions in the exploration of the deepest matters of life: easing grief, probing human conflict and individual distress, providing counsel and companionship in times of struggle, whether in matters of belief, relationships, finance or academic discernment. 

Chaplains pray, teach, share endless cups of coffee and tea and offer programs with the hope of gathering and enhancing your spiritual practices as they grow and deepen during your life at Brown. Both for the religious and the non-religious, they strive to afford many opportunities to deepen the religious literacy which is essential to the formation of educated professionals. 

Sometimes work is most clear in celebration, calamity and personal struggle. The Office of the Chaplains and Religious Life are honored to shoulder this work and are also delighted to share the daily, the ordinary: new love, the completed project. Ask for help with modest urgent financial matters or come to Thursday Night Interfaith Supper (TNS), now in its 50th year of good food and remarkable conversation. 

Find their offices in Suite 410 of J. Walter Wilson, and check out a full schedule of services and program on the web at or call us at 401-863-2344.