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Brown awards six honorary doctorates

The 247th Commencement

At the 247th Commencement ceremony today, Brown University President Christina H. Paxson conferred honorary doctorates — in English and in Latin — on six candidates who have achieved great distinction in their fields.

The New American Cinema

Dissertation: Joshua Guilford

Joshua Guilford, who received a Ph.D. in modern culture and media, has written a dissertation on the “redemption of human interiority” in the work of a mid-20th century filmmaking subculture known as the New American Cinema.

Women in politics: An expanded definition of political office

Dissertation: Kaitlin Sidorsky

Kaitlin Sidorsky, who received her Ph.D. in political science at the 247th Commencement, did the first national survey that included appointments to state boards and commissions as well as elected office. Many female respondents said appointed office lets them accomplish more without the overhead of fundraising, campaigning, and media presence.

Research that helps prevent suffering, online and off

Dissertation: Samantha Rosenthal

Samantha Rosenthal, who received her Ph.D. at Brown’s 247th Commencement, came to a career in public health research out of a desire to reduce suffering. In work as diverse as revealing connections between Facebook and depression and tracking global disease outbreaks, she has increased the understanding needed to keep people out of harm’s way.

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