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Ancient Martian Lake System Records Two Water-Related Events

Current and former graduate students at Brown, including PhD student Tim Goudge, combined images from NASA’s CTX instrument with mineralogical data from NASA’s CRISM orbiting spectrometer to create a geologic history of flowing water on the surface of Mars nearly 4 billion years ago. The new analysis is in Jezero Crater, near the planet’s equator. The study finds that the onslaught of water that filled the crater was one of at least two separate periods of water activity in the region surrounding Jezero.

April Wellness Session on Alcohol Use in Grad School

Enjoy pizza, soda and discussions at one or both of the April sessions in the Graduate Wellness Series. The April 8 session will focus on alcohol use in graduate student life. The discussion will be led by Kathleen McSharry, Ph.D., Associate Dean of the College and Bruce E. Donovan Dean of Chemical Dependency in the Robert Center Room 225. No registration or attendance will be taken for these events.  

A Better Method for Making Perovskite Solar Cells

Research led by Yuanyuan Zhou, a doctoral Engineering student at Brown, has revealed a new way to make light-absorbing perovskite films for use in solar cells. The new method involves a room-temperature solvent bath to create perovskite crystals, rather than the blast of heat used in current crystallization methods.

All DCP Award Requests Met in Updated Process

The Graduate School is pleased to announce that all 89 Dissertation Completion Proposal requests for 2015-16 have been met. This year, the Graduate School piloted a new process for these DCP plans from rising sixth-year students in the Humanities and Social Sciences. The collaboration of academic programs, the Office of the Provost, the Graduate School and Centers and Institutes made it possible to meet these requests. Students are receiving award letters, beginning March 17.

11 PhD Students Embark on ‘Open Graduate’ Journeys

For Mohak Patel, interest in the Graduate School’s Open Graduate Education program came quickly, amid his first year of studying Mechanics of Solids and Structures at Brown University. He opted to settle in and consider the opportunity – and the effort – entailed in pursuing a secondary Master’s degree through the distinctive program. “I had two questions to answer,” he says. “Am I willing to spend the extra time? And does this make sense for my research?”

Two-Day Event Celebrates Graduate Students of Color

Featuring an alumni panel and conference, A Legacy of Success and Service: Celebrating Graduate Students of Color at Brown, offers newly admitted students and the Brown community an opportunity “to recognize the contributions of former graduate students from underrepresented minority populations, as well as affirming current graduate students of color on campus,” says organizer, a Modern Culture and Media doctoral student.

Study Maps Extroversion Types in the Brain’s Anatomy

Volume of gray matter:

Graduate student Erica Grodin is one of the Brown scientists mapping the similarities and the differences in the brain between the two different kinds of extroverts: “agentic” go-getters and “affiliative” people persons.