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Brown to confer six honorary degrees

The 247th Commencement

During its 247th Commencement Sunday afternoon, May 24, 2015, Brown University will confer honorary doctorates on Robert A. Corrigan, president emeritus of San Francisco State University; Louise Lamphere, distinguished professor emerita of anthropology at the University of New Mexico; David E.

Researchers assess sustainability in Baja fisheries

Human needs meet nature

The waters of Baja California Sur are both ecosystems and fisheries where human needs meet nature. In a new study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers assessed the capacity to achieve sustainability by applying a framework that accounts for both ecological and human dimensions of environmental stewardship.

Hazeltine Fellowship RFP Announced

The Business, Entrepreneurship and Organizations program is calling for proposals for the Hazeltine Fellowship for Entrepreneurship Research for Graduate Students. This Fellowship is open to graduate students working with or under the guidance of a faculty member; priority is given to proposals that are interdisciplinary in nature. Fellowship funds can be used for dissertation-related research or provide seed money for initiating a new topic of research with a faculty member. Graduate students in all disciplines are welcome to apply.

Conifer study illustrates twists of evolution

An apparently advantageous mechanism of conifer pollination has nevertheless been disappearing over millions of years, a new study finds. The mechanism works well, but because it depends on three traits related only loosely, the vagaries of evolution have led to its demise in many species. It its wake, however, a diversity of new traits and functions has emerged.

Kertzer wins Pulitzer

David Kertzer, former provost at Brown, has been awarded the 2015 Pulitzer Prize for biography-autobiography.

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