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Questions for James Budarz: ‘Molecular Movie' Captures Ultrafast Chemical Reaction

A team of researchers, including doctoral chemistry student graduate student James Budarz and Dean of the Graduate School, Peter Weber, has captured the dynamics of how a ring-shaped molecule opens and unfurls in an ultra-high speed “molecular movie.” This is the first time a chemical reaction has been imaged at the molecular level with such short time scales. The research could serve as a basis for understanding similar reactions involved in a wide variety of chemical processes.

Young-Paulhill Named Simmons Scholar

Jasamine Young-Paulhill, an incoming graduate student in Brown’s master's program in Urban Education Policy, was named the 2015 winner of the Ruth J. Simmons Urban Education Policy Scholarship, a full-tuition award.

The Board of Overseers of the Annenberg Institute for School Reform at Brown University established the permanent annual scholarship in 2012 for the UEP student who most epitomizes the former Brown University president’s commitment to education equity and social justice.

Do statins offer hope vs. Ebola? Paper shows a blurry glimmer

Questions for Steven Opal

In September 2014 two Sierra Leone hospitals tried a controversial idea: providing statins to patients with Ebola. The results, described in a new paper in the journal mBio, appear encouraging but anecdotal. A proper clinical trial proved too difficult during the Ebola emergency.

Study suggests active volcanism on Venus

Planetary scientists know that volcanoes have crackled on the surface of Venus for much of the planet's history. Now, using data from the Venus Express spacecraft, an international team of researchers has found new evidence that some of those Venusian volcanoes may still be active today.

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