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Discovery helps explain what guides neurons to connect

In Science, a team led by neuroscientist Alexander Jaworski reports the discovery of a protein that guides neurons as they extend axons across the spinal cord midline. The finding could help unravel the complexity of how neural connections form and help understand diseases that result from errant brain wiring.

Math Model Helps Show How Zebrafish Get Their Stripes

A mathematical model developed by Brown University researchers, including doctoral student in Applied Mathematics Alexandria Volkening, is shedding new light on how zebrafish get their iconic stripes. The model helps to demonstrate how two dynamic processes—the movement of pigment cells across the skin, and the birth and death of cells as the fish grows—combine to keep zebrafish stripes in line.

A new look at an old jaw clarifies mammal evolution

‘A fresh glimpse at old evidence’

New technologies have brought new significance to a set of fossilized jaws that Stephen Gatesy and colleagues found in Greenland 20 years ago. Their new analysis shows that proto-mammals were diversifying earlier than previously thought.

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