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Postdoc Welcome Message

Dear Incoming Postdoc:

We are delighted to welcome you to the postdoctoral community at Brown. You have joined us at an important stage during your professional training and at a pivotal moment in our work.

At Brown, we acknowledge that postdocs are valuable members of the institution. You make important contributions to our research, scholarship and teaching efforts.  We aim to support you with an array of resources for your personal and professional career development.

Brown is home to an active postdoctoral community organized, in part, through the Postdoctoral Advisory Panel (PAP).  The Panel represents postdocs from across the campus. In recent years the PAP has been instrumental in identifying issues of concern to postdocs across the University.  Members have helped to develop and implement a postdoctoral assessment tool, assist with website development, sponsor postdoctoral-specific educational and training events, and facilitate social networking via a listserv, Google Groups, and Facebook.

We encourage you to get involved with the PAP and to let your voice be heard.  We also welcome the opportunity to meet with you individually to discuss any questions you may have about training at Brown and to discuss your future career plans. 

Very best wishes,
Peter M. Weber
Dean of the Graduate School