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American Studies

The American Studies master's degree program is designed for international students. Students interested in a Ph.D. in American Studies should apply to the Ph.D. program. Most students seeking a terminal A.M. degree should apply to the Department of American Studies A.M. in Public Humanities.

In this terminal A.M. degree in American Studies, candidates spend one academic year in residence and complete eight courses.

The Department of American Studies at Brown was founded in 1945 as a collaborative as well as interdisciplinary enterprise. The first catalog statement explained that its purpose was "to provide the student with a more comprehensive and better unified knowledge of American Civilization... than would be possible within the limits of a single department." This rigorous interdisciplinary approach still informs the program's goal of reaching a better understanding of the diverse cultures, groups, and experiences that make up American Civilization.

Completion Requirements
A.M.: Eight courses which include four research seminars and four 100 level lecture courses; no more than half in any one discipline. Students may take courses in any department or program, with the approval of the DGS. The program features one year of course-work only (no thesis); allows students to transfer one or more graduate credits from their home institution; and arranges for students to participate in one internship with a local cultural or political organization as part of their course of study (optional).

Admission Information
Admission requirements: Writing sample required (short sample of 10 to 20 pages in area of interest)

GRE General: Recommended
GRE Subject: Not required
Financial aid: None available
Application deadline: Applications will be accepted until July 1 or until the class is full.