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Who to Ask: Contacts for Graduate Programs


Admissions Process
What are the program application deadlines?

How can I change the application deadline for my program?

Who can help with electronic application issues?

Program review of applications (see Graduate School Handbook pg. 31)

Program decisions on applications

Applying as a non-degree visiting student (see Graduate School Handbook pg. 25)

Applying to the Integrative Studies master's program.

Julie Kindschy

Brian Walton or Julie Kindschy

Julie Kindschy or Scott Houde

Julie Kindschy or Scott Houde

Julie Kindschy

Brian Walton or Julie Kindschy

Brian Walton, Julie Kindschy or John Tyler

Appointment Process and Student Support
I need assistance with the appointment of a student in the Graduate Student Information System (GSIM).

I would like information on how to apply the student incentive policy in the appointment process.

I need help with the Graduate School's incentive program.

I require assistance in interpreting/activating an external award agreement to make an appointment.

I need information about student travel expense reports.

I have questions concerning student support transactions to ledgers.

Michelle Rose

Michelle Rose or Gail Lee

Adella Francis

Gail Lee or Adella Francis

Adella Francis

Adella Francis

Appointments for Doctoral Students
I would like to appoint a student as a Teaching Fellow (rather than a TA).

I would like to create a proctorship to which I can appoint a student in the future.

I would like to appoint a student to an existing proctorship.

I would like to appoint a student to Advanced Student Status.

We don't have a Ph.D. program and we need a TA for a course.

I would like to appoint a doctoral student to a dissertation fellowship in year 4 rather than year 5.

Brian Walton

John Tyler

Brian Walton

Brian Walton

Brian Walton

Brian Walton or Peter Weber

Where do I find DCP/DEP application forms?

How do I submit a nomination for DCP funding for a student?

Brian Walton

Brian Walton

Financial Plans
Where do we stand with this year's expenditures?

I would like my program to participate in the financial plan.

Becky Sattel

Peter Weber

Health Insurance
Fee Waivers

Brian Walton or Cheryl Moan, Insurance Office

Student Leaves
Readmission from medical leave (see Graduate School Handbook pg. 66)

Will a leave qualify as professional development leave?

Can I have the readmit fee waived? (See Graduate School Handbook pg. 66.)

Medical leaves: Maria Suarez (Office of Student Life); other leaves: John Tyler (also OISSS for international students)
Maria Suarez 

John Tyler

Brian Walton

Nominations, Prizes, Awards, Fellowships
I want to nominate an alumna or alumnus for the Horace Mann Medal.

How do I nominate an incoming student for a named fellowship?

Beverly Larson

Brian Walton

Open Graduate Education
I need clarification on a financial question relating to Open Graduate Education.

Where do I find application materials?

Adella Francis

See Open Graduate Education webpage, under Academics & Research

Problem Situations
I need help with crafting a warning letter (see Graduate School Handbook pg. 21).

I need to discuss an academic problem situation.

I need help with a problem situation.

I need to help a student with a medical or mental health problem.

I need to help a student with a possible learning disability.

We have a student who is not meeting our expectations.

John Tyler

John Tyer or Peter Weber

Peter Weber, John Tyler, Maria Suarez or Brian Walton

Maria Suarez

Maria Suarez or SEAS (Cathie Axe)

John Tyler

We have a new Chair, DGS or Program Administrator. Who needs to know?

We are making changes to our program. Do we need Graduate Council approval? (See Graduate School Handbook pg. 35.)

One of my students wants to switch from program x to program y (Ph.D., master's). 

Who should I contact to prevent a student's dissertation from being immediately published in the Library's digital repository?

I have a large course but no teaching assistant. Who can help?

Beverly Larson or Susan Ely

John Tyler

Brian Walton or John Tyler

Barbara Bennett or Jean Rainwater (Library)

Brian Walton

Graduate School Website and Social Media
I cannot find information I need.

I want to update the program description or other information.

I want to suggest new content or a change in organizing information on the website.

Would you publicize this student honor or achievement?

Susan Ely or Beverly Larson

Beverly Larson or Susan Ely

Beverly Larson

Use this form or contact Beverly Larson or Susan Ely

Reporting graduate applicant or student information
I need student or applicant information for a training grant or other federal agency.

I need the same information for internal use.

Scott Houde

Scott Houde

For contact information, please visit the Deans & Staff page.