2015-2016 Events

2015-2016 Events:


Friday November 13th 2015 @ 4.00pm

Una tarde de poesía.  The following 3​ Hispanic Studies graduate​ students will read and discuss their own poetry.
Berta García Faet;
Claudia Becerra;
Ethel Barja.



Friday November 6th 2015 @ 4.00pm
Andrew Laird, Brown Humanities Initiative Visiting Professor and Warwick University (UK), "Responding to the Requerimiento: Imagined first encounters between natives and Spaniards in 16th-century Mexico".





Wednesday November 4th 2015 @ 12.00 noon
Javier Uriarte, Stony Brook University, "Caras bifrontes: guerra y silencios en Lucio V. Mansilla".




Sunday November 1st 2015

All are invited to the "Día de los Muertos" event which will be held on Sunday November 1st from 6.00-8.00pm in Machado House.  At the event, there will be a decorated altar where you are welcome to bring photos of your loved ones, memorabilia, favorite foods, or other goods symbolizing offerings to the souls of the departed. 

This event is being organized by M.E.Ch.A de Brown in collaboration with the Hispanic Studies Department, Machado House and SOMOS.  We look forward to seeing you there.

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Thursday October 29th 2015
A colloquium to address the intellectual history of the Law in the Hispanic World, the “narco wars” against the state, and the rights of the original populations.
Arnulf Becker Lorca;
Hernando Valencia;
Jorge Arrate .






Monday September 28th 2015
Óscar Martín “Rodrigo Díaz, del hombre al mito. Textos y contextos de la primera tradición cidiana (1099-1207)”



This talk is in Spanish


Friday September 25th 2015
Aníbal González "Arte y crisis en Puerto Rico: Desde El velorio (no-vela) (2010) de Antonio Martorell hasta Las Nietas de Nonó"



This talk is in Spanish

Monday September 21st 2015
María Jesús Fuente "Contexto histórico de Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar (el Cid) y del Poema de Mio Cid"




This talk is in Spanish.