Brown Journal of History

The Brown Journal of History is an undergraduate-run academic journal published once a year, in the late spring, by the Department of History.

This journal began with the idea that Brown University undergraduates needed new venues in which to share their academic historical work with the Brown community and the broader academic public. The overwhelming response from our peers in recent years has confirmed the necessity for such a venue, and the quality of the scholarship showcased in these editions is a testement to the engagement and interest of the undergraduate student body. The submitted and published pieces exemplify the exceptional, original historical scholarship produced heres, and demonstrate a range of approaches to historical analysis.

In soliciting submissions we sought to extend our reach beyond the History Department and tap into the historical scholarship generated within departments across Brown's campus. This interdisciplinary orientation is an essential aspect of the Journal's mission. In its selection process, the editorial board strives for a diversity of subject material, temporal and geographical focus, and writing style

Thirty-three years ago, the members of the History Department Undergraduate Group (DUG) embarked upon a similar project with similar goals in mind. Between 1974 and 1991, the DUG produced an undergraduate journal entitled Clio, after the Greek muse of history. Their publicaion is still preserved in an acid-free box in the University Archives, a reminder of the endurance of undergraduate scholarship.

As the academic world is the midst of its transition from printed to digital information, the we at the Journal have decided to transition from a printed journal to a moslty digital presence, where current and past editions of the BJH are freely available for download. These decisions reflect the Journal's commitment to a more enviormentally sustainable and democratically accessable mode of academic journal publishing


Volume 1: Spring 2007

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Volume 2: Spring 2008

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Volume 3: Spring 2009

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Volume 4: Spring 2010

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Volume 5: Spring 2011

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Volume 6: Spring 2012

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Volume 7: Spring 2013

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