Chronology and Geography

Chronological and Geographical Designations

for History Concentration Requirements
Offerings Fall 2007 - Fall 2013 
(Please note: this is a list of past courses, not a catalogue of future offerings.)

P = Premodern; M = Modern; E = Either

HIST 1639 Colonial Africa  M
HIST 1950E Europe & the Indian Ocean P
HIST 1970C African Environmental History E
HIST 1970U Medicine & Colonialism E
HIST 1974Y Managing Nature, Managing People E
AFRI 0160 Twentieth Century Africa M
AFRI 1060A Africa Since 1950 M
AFRI 1060M African Environmental History E
AFRI 1060N Gender & Power in African History M
AFRI 1470 Southern Africa E
HIST 0410 China E
HIST 0420 Japan E
HIST 0971C China in the Literature of Travel P
HIST 1380 Peasant Rebellions E
HIST 1503 China Pop M
HIST 1510A China’s Late Empires P
HIST 1520 Modern China M
HIST 1520B Twentieth Century China M
HIST 1530 Modern Korea: Contending with Modernity M
HIST 1540 Samurai & Merchants P
HIST 1570 Japan's Pacific War: 1937-1945 M
HIST 1571 The Making of Modern East Asia M
HIST 1950E Europe & the Indian Ocean P
HIST 1950F From Morocco to China P
HIST 1971D America and the China Trades E
HIST 1971K Tiananmen 1989 M
HIST 1971M China's Early Modern Rise M
HIST 1972G Mongols P
HIST 1972Z Minority Peoples of China M
HIST 1973E Cities and Urban Cultures E
HIST 1973F Knowledge and Power E
HIST 1973J Korea: North and South M
HIST 1973Z Colonialism, War M
HIST 1975Q Taiwan E
HIST 1975S Politics, Religion, Local China M
HIST 1976E Women/Gender Relations in China P
HIST 1976L Remembering Revolution in China M
HIST 1978I The Social Lives of Dead Bodies In China & Beyond M
HIST 1978J Life during Wartime M
HIST 1978R Empires and Cultures in East Asia E
EAST 0950A Turning Japanese E
EAST 1950D Crime, Justice, Punishment M

CLAS 0121 Greece from Archaic Times P
CLAS 0560 War & Peace P
CLAS 0561 War & Society in Ancient World P
CLAS 0660 The World of Byzantium P
CLAS 1120E Slavery in the Ancient World P
CLAS 1220 Greece P
CLAS 1310 Rome I P
CLAS 1750I Highways & Byways in Antiquity P
HIST 0010 Europe to the 18th Century P
HIST 0020 Europe since the French Revolution M
HIST 0970Q Truth on Trial P
HIST 0970R Holocaust M
HIST 0970W French Revoluation M
HIST 0971A Holy Grail P
HIST 0971D The Dutch Golden Age P
HIST 0971I Science and Society in Darwin's England M
HIST 0980B Becoming French M
HIST 0980G Search for King Arthur P
HIST 1000A History of Greece P
HIST 1000B Classical Worlds P
HIST 1010B Rome II P
HIST 1020 Medieval Iberia P
HIST 1030 Early Medieval Europe P
HIST 1031 The Viking Age P
HIST 1040 Europe in the High Middle Ages P
HIST 1050 Renaissance Italy P
HIST 1080 Slavery in the Ancient World P
HIST 1100 Crime & Mentalities P
HIST 1110 Discipline and Punishment M
HIST 1120 Political Violence in S. Europe M
HIST 1140 Nature, Knowledge & Power P
HIST 1180 Rise of Scientific  Worldview P
HIST 1190 Roots of Modern Science M
HIST 1210 European Intellectual: Discovering the Modern M
HIST 1220 European Intellectual: Transforming the Modern M
HIST 1230 European Intellectual: Exploding the Modern M
HIST 1240 Reason, Revolution, Reaction P
HIST 1280 English History, 1529-1660 P
HIST 1290 British History, 1660-1800 P
HIST 1300 Victorian Britain M
HIST 1301 19th C Cities: Paris, London, Chicago M
HIST 1310 Empire to Cool Britannia M
HIST 1311 Land Use and Capitalism, 1350-2013 M
HIST 1330 War and Peace in Modern Europe M
HIST 1350 Modern Genocide M
HIST 1360 Betwteen Marx and Coca Cola M
HIST 1363 Unwanted and Uprooted M
HIST 1370 Germany, 1914 to the Present M
HIST 1410 Russia in the Era of Reform, Revolution, World War M
HIST 1420 Collapse of Socialism and Rise of New Russia M
HIST 1480 The Crusades P
HIST 1490 History of Medicine I P
HIST 1491 History of Medicine II E
HIST 1493 Cultural History of the Netherlands P
HIST 1495 Science, Medicine, and Technology in 17th C P
HIST 1496 War and Medicine since the Renaissance P
HIST 1550 From Amsterdam to Istanbul E
HIST 1551 Early Modern Poland Lithuania M
HIST 1860 European Women M
HIST 1870 Modern France M
HIST 1880 Modern Britain 1801-2009 M
HIST 1910 Modern Ireland 1798-2009 M
HIST 1950E Europe & Indian Ocean P
HIST 1950F From Morocco to China P
HIST 1970J Families and Secrets M
HIST 1970K Everyday Life E
HIST 1970L The Jewish Problem M
HIST 1970W Medieval & Renaissance Medicine P
HIST 1971G Drinking in Britain and America M
HIST 1971H Intro to Political Cinema M
HIST 1971R Sex and Scandal in Modern Britain M
HIST 1971T Knowing and Believing  E
HIST 1971Z Memoirs and Memory M
HIST 1972 C Prejudice in Early Modern England P
HIST 1972E Oral History & Its Discontents M
HIST 1972F Muslims and Jews M
HIST 1972H Sex, Power, and God P
HIST 1972M Portuguese Discoveries P
HIST 1972T Vote in Transnational Context M
HIST 1972V Modernity, Jews, and Urban Identity  M
HIST 1973D Friends, Enemies and Heroes M
HIST 1973L History, Politics & Psychoanalysis M
HIST 1973M Outside the Mainstream M
HIST 1973N The French Revolution M
HIST 1973P City as Modernity M
HIST 1973Q Stalinism M
HIST 1973R Legacies of Empire M
HIST 1973S Punks, Queers, Pakistanis M
HIST 1973T The English Revolution P
HIST 1973W Women, Gender & Empire M
HIST 1974I War & Gender in Modern Europe M
HIST 1974P Hannah Arendt M
HIST 1974R Telling Stories M
HIST 1974X Crime & the Crowd P
HIST 1975B The USSR and the Cold War M
HIST 1975F Early Modern Ireland P
HIST 1975P Spin, Terror P
HIST 1975Y Clean and Modern M
HIST 1976I War, Society, Culture 1914-19 M
HIST 1976K Emergence of Capitalism M
HIST 1976R Early Modern Globalization P
HIST 1976W Modern Ireland M
HIST 1976Z Charlemagne P
HIST 1978G Science at the Crossroads M
HIST 1978T Fin-de-Siecle Paris and Vienna M
HIST 1978U Utopias and Other Wastelands M
HMAN 1970D Prejudice in Early Modern England P
HMAN 1970O Testimonies as Historical Documents M
ITAL 0751 When Leaders Lie P
ITAL 1360 Renaissance Italy P
ITAL 1420 Sex & the Cities P
ITAL 1430 Truth on Trial P
JUDS  0030 Jews E
JUDS 0640 Holocaust M
JUDS 0650 Zionism M
JUDS 0980V Money, Power, Sex and Love M
JUDS 0980X A World Without Borders M
JUDS 0980Z Radical Jews from Marx to Student Revolution  M
JUDS 1710 Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia M
POBS 1600D Portuguese Discovery P
POBS 1600Q Perceptions of the Other P
RELS 0640 Sacrifice and Suffering E
RUSS 1050 Russian Culture E
HIST 0970B Tropical Delights E
HIST 0970Z Atlantic Pirates P
HIST 1270 Book in Latin America  E
HIST 1320 Colonial Cuba P
HIST 1610 Mexico E
HIST 1620 Colonial Latin America P
HIST 1630 Modern Latin America M
HIST 1640 Clash of Empires P
HIST 1641 The Age of Revolutions E
HIST 1660 Mexican Revolution M
HIST 1670 Brazil E
HIST 1950E Europe & the Indian Ocean P
POBS 1600S Word and Utopia: 17th C Portuguese World P
ETHN 0090A The Border/La Frontera E
HIST 1970U Medicine & Colonialism E
HIST 1972R Politica & Culture under Brazilian Dictatorship M
HIST 1972X Book in Latin America E
HIST 1973X Maya in the Modern World M
HIST 1974A Mexican Revolution  M
HIST 1974H Brazil as a Nation M
HIST 1974L Gender & Sexuality in Brazil E
HIST 1976T History of the Andes E
HIST 1976V Modern Cuba M
POBS 1600Y The Portuguese Colonial Empire M
HIST 0970X Gandhi’s Way M
HIST 1440 Islamic History E
HIST 1450 Modern Middle East, 1800-1918 M
HIST 1460 Modern Middle East, 1918- M
HIST 1580 Modern South Asia M
HIST 1590 Recovering Early South Asia M
HIST 1950E Europe and Indian Ocean P
HIST 1950F From Morocco to China P
HIST 1970O Moving Boundaries M
HIST 1971L Islamic Law E
HIST 1971N Dissolution of Ottoman Empire M
HIST 1971P Identity Conflicts M
HIST 1972F Jews & Muslims M
HIST 1975U Gender, Empire, Nation in Middle East M
HIST 1975V Culture, Politics, History M
HMAN 1970F Visualizing History M
JUDS 0030 Jews E
RELS 1530B Methods and Problems in Islam E
HIST 0510 American Exceptionalism E
HIST 0520 America to 1877 M
HIST 0970C Animals and History E
HIST 0970J Slavery & Historical Memory M
HIST 0970M Walden Pond M
HIST 0970P Culture and US Empire M
HIST 0970R The Holocaust M
HIST 0970S Sport in American History M
HIST 0970T Measure of All Things M
HIST 0970U Politics of Gender  M
HIST 0970X Gandhi's Way M
HIST 0971E U.S. and Middle East M
HIST 1090 Black Freedom Struggle M
HIST 1240 Revolution Across the Atlantic M
HIST 1700 Colonial America Beyond the Colonies P
HIST 1710 The American Revolution P
HIST 1730 Antebellum America M
HIST 1740 Civil War M
HIST 1750 Politics and Culture M
HIST 1760 Political Movements M
HIST 1770 American Cultural History M
HIST 1780 Modernizing America M
HIST 1790 North American Environmental E
HIST 1800 History of Religion in America E
HIST 1820 American Urban E
HIST 1830 American Urban History M
HIST 1840 Capitalism, Slavery E
HIST 1850 American Legal & Constitutional E
HIST 1890 American Foreign Relations E
HIST 1900 American Empire Since 1890 M
HIST 1901 The Vietnam War M
HIST 1920 Chicago and America M
HIST 1965 Social Change in the 1960s M
HIST 1970F Problems of Class E
HIST 1970H American Legal/Constitutional History M
HIST 1970J Families and Secrets M
HIST 1970N Autobiography and Memoirs M
HIST 1970X Comparative American Slavery E
HIST 1970Y War/Environmentalism M
HIST 1971A Cold War/War on Terror M
HIST 1971B Consumer Culture in U.S. M
HSIT 1971G Drinking in Britain and America M
HIST 1971J Ethnic Women's Histories M
HIST 1971X African Americans in the 20th C M
HIST 1972K Rethinking Society M
HIST 1972S Red, White, Black in America E
HIST 1973H The American Founding P
HIST 1973U Walden Pond M
HIST 1973Y Children and Childhood in America E
HIST 1974B Old South M
HIST 1974D Practice of History E
HIST 1974U Theory, Practice of Local History M
HIST 1974Y Managing Nature, Managing People E
HIST 1975T Colonial Encounters P
HIST 1976A Comparative Native American History E
HIST 1976P Seeing, Reading, Making Brown E
AFRI 0170 Afro American History & Society M
AFRI 0220 Intro to African American History M
AFRI 0501 Native Am-Afro Am Relations M
AFRI 1080 W.E.B. DuBois M
AFRI 1170 African American Women's History M
AFRI 1850 Civil Rights Movement M
AMCV 1611A Making America M
AMCV 1611J Sex, Love, Race M
AMCV 1611L Sixties W/out Apology M
AMCV 1611Z Century of Immigration M
AMCV 1612F Female Maladies M
AMCV 1700D Teen Age M
AMCV 1740 African American History M
AMCV 1903B Alien-nation M
AMCV 1903R Big Business, Bomb, Smoky Bear M
AMCV 1903X Style & the Man M
AMCV 1904D End of the West M
EDUC 0400 Campus on Fire M
EDUC 0410D Brown v. Board of Education M
EDUC 0850 Intercollegiate Athletics M
EDUC 1020 American Education M
EDUC 1050 African-American Education M
EDUC 1200 American School Reform M
EDUC 1730 American Higher Education M
EDUC 1740 Academic Freedom on Trial M
ETHN 1870A Ethnic Los Angeles M
ETHN 1870F/HIST 1975C Eating Cultures M
GNSS 1960B Health and Healing in American History M
HMAN 1970A Eating Cultures M
HMAN 1970K Origins and Contours M
JUDS 0610 American Jewish History M