Course Types

Types of Undergraduate Courses

Introductory Courses: Numbered 0001-0999. These courses include broad surveys to introduce students to the history of different times and places and First-year seminars, which are designed to promote skills in close reading, discussing, and writing. Only two introductory courses may count toward the ten-course requirement, unless a student has taken a First-year Seminar, in which case three courses may count. First-year Seminars are numbered in the 0970 series and open to first-year students only.

Lecture Courses: These courses, numbering between 1000 and 1996 are the heart of the concentration. They address topics of broad interest chronologically, geographically and thematically defined. Lecture courses are designed for History concentrators and non-concentrators alike.

Capstone Seminars: These seminars (numbered in the 1970-1979 series) are designed to serve as an intellectual rather than chronological culmination of their concentration. They provide students with an opportunity to delve deeply into a historical problem and to write a major research and/or analytical paper which serves as a capstone experience. These seminars are designed to serve as an intellectual culmination of the concentration.

Cross-Disciplinary Historical Studies: These courses have a primary listing in other departments but fully count as history department courses for the concentration. They include lecture courses (0930/1930), freshman/sophomore seminars (0940/1940), and capstone seminars. 

Non-History Department Courses: Students may count two of these toward the concentration requirements with the approval of the concentration advisor.

Honors Courses: Students seeking to graduate with honors must complete three additional courses. These are:

  • History Honors Workshop for Prospective Thesis Writers . HIST 1992. Offered in fall and spring semesters. Recommended for juniors, although open to seniors who have been away during their junior year.
  • History Honors Workshop for Thesis Writers . HIST 1993. Offered in fall and spring semesters. Limited to seniors and juniors who have been admitted to the History Honors Program. All students admitted to Program must enroll in in HIST 1993 for two semesters.