Alumnus Chris Lamberti named runner-up for the Allan Nevins Prize

Brown History PhD alumnus Chris Lamberti was named runner-up for the Allan Nevins Prize for his dissertation Riot Zone: Chicago 1919. Based on a block-by-block investigation of Chicago's 1919 race riot, it argues that racism was too entrenched—bringing material and psychological benefits to particular groups and neighborhoods—to be undone in the first years of African Americans' Great Migration to the city. After a brief period of possibility, the terrible week-long riot ended hopes of a more socially just and racially integrated Chicago.

(Distributed April 23, 2014)

Prof. Joan Richards honored with Teaching and Advising Award

Last month, the Undergraduate Council of Students honored Professor of History Joan Richards with the Teaching and Advising Award. Selected every year from over one hundred heartfelt submissions from the undergraduate student body, the award recognizes professors, advisors, and teaching assistants that have made a substantial impact in the lives of students.

(Distributed April 22, 2014)
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