Upcoming Faculty Presentations Fall 2015

September 17 Palmira Brummett will be giving a talk, "Mapping the Ottomans: Space, Sovereignty, and the Circulation of Information in the Early Modern Mediterranean" at New York University.
September 19 "Satan and the Vengeance of a Child's Blood," on panel: Mass Violence, Reparations, and Justice, at the Israel Academic Exchange Second Seminar on Post-Genocide Societies at Clark University given by Omer Bartov.
September 25 Beshara Doumani will moderate Violence, Terror, and the Image - all day symposium at the Cogut Center. Panel: "The Sacramental Muslim and the End of Reference" Sadia Abbas, Rutgers University and "ISIS Through the Looking Glass" Faisal Devji, University of Oxford.
September 26 Roquinaldo Ferreira will present "The Abolition of the Transatlantic Slave Trade in Central Africa" at the Lisbon National Library, Portugal, International Seminar on the History of Slavery.
October 3 At New Research on the Atlantic Slave Trade Conference at Harvard University, Roquinaldo Ferreira will present "African Agency and the Politics of Anti-Slavery in Central Africa (Angolo and Congo)."
October 5 As part of the regular conversation between the Classics Departments at Brown and Yale University, Graham Oliver will be presenting "The differential success of ancient cities and our search for economic growth in the Greek polis." 
October 6 Michael Vorenberg will give a lecture at Roger Williams University, "150 Years Later: The 13th Amendment & Race in America."  http://www.rwu.edu/academics/conferences-special-programs/150-years-later-13th-amendment-race-america
October 6-7 Françoise Hamlin will present the 76th Thirkield-Jones Lectures for the 132nd Founders' Day at Gammon Seminary, Atlanta, GA.
October 8 Françoise Hamlin will deliver her lecture "The Civil Rights Movement and Complicating Freedom" at Emory University, Atlanta.
October 12 Seth Rockman will give the  Annual Dale Benson Endowed Lecture, Department of History, Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, Washington.
October 14-17 "The Political Economy of the Hellenistic World and the Alexander Romance" will be presented by Graham Oliver at the International Conference, The Alexander Romance: History and Literature, at the University of Wroclaw, Poland.
October 15 Roquinaldo Ferreira will present "In Africa, a New Brazil: Remaking Portuguese Colonialism in the Era of Abolition (1820s-1880s)" at Kennesaw State University, Year of the Portuguese Speaking World Series.
October 15 "Lincoln and Voting Rights" a lecture given by Michael Vorenberg at University of Illinois, Springfield.  http://illinois.edu/calendar/detail/226?eventId=32972272&calMin=201509&cal=20150912&skinId=9818
October 18 Omer Bartov will present "The Voice of Your Brother's Blood: The Murder of a Town in Eastern Galicia" at the annual Burton L. Einspruch Holocaust Lecture Series at the University of Texas at Dallas.
October 31 At Gilder Lehrman Center Annual International Conference at Yale University, Roquinaldo Ferreira will present "The Enslaved, the Law, and the Rise of Abolitionism in Central Africa (Angolo/Congo)."
November 4 Harold Cook will give a lecture "Sorting Out a World of Wonders: Science in the Dutch Golden Age" at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.
November 4-5 Graham Oliver will take part in the Annual Michael I. Rostovtzeff Colloquium at Yale University, presenting "Power, territory, and the political-economies of the Greek polis: Athens and its cleruchies in the Classical and Hellenistic eras."
November 15-16 "Antisemitism and Islamophobia in post-Holocaust and post-Colonial Europe-An Entangled History" keynote lecture, On the Margins of the Holocaust: Jews, Muslims, during the Second World War,  given by Maud Mandel at UCLA.
November 17
Michael Vorenberg, Lecture: "The Last Surrender: Looking for the End of the Civil War”; and Panel Participant: "'A King’s Cure’ in Film and Fact: Lincoln, Spielberg and the 13th Amendment," both at the Lincoln Forum, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.
December 1 "Negro Cloth: Plantation Provisioning and New England's Industrial Revolution" Department of History, Wesleyan University presented by Seth Rockman.
December 2 At Brazil Lecture Series at Yale University, Roquinaldo Ferreira will present "Reconfiguring the South Atlantic: Brazil and Angola, 1820s-1860s."
December 3 "The Sovereignty of the Dead and the Disorder of War in Twentieth Century China and Taiwan"  a talk given by Rebecca Nedostup at the Sigur Center for Asian Studies, George Washington University. http://www2.gwu.edu/`sigur/news/events/events2015/2015_dec3_nedostup.cfm
December 7 "The Civil Rights Movement and Complicating Freedom," lecture at Providence College by Françoise Hamlin.
December 7 Rebecca Nedostup will organize and present at a Chinese Religions Workshop at Harvard's Fairbank Center http://fairbank.fas.harvard.edu/event/religion-workshop called "Digging up the Chinese Dead: Finding and Theorizing Displacement in Death."
December 8 "Innovation, Alienation, and the Russet Brogan: Plantation Provisioning and New England's Industrial Revolution," presented by Seth Rockman at the Modern America Workshop, Department of History, Princeton University.
December 8 Roquinaldo Ferreira will present "King Huffon of Whydah (West Africa): Projecting African Sovereignty across the Eighteenth Century Atlantic World" at Yale University Empires Workshop.
December 9 Luther Spoehr will give lecture "Francis and Ira's (Sometimes) Excellent Adventures:  Wayland, Magaziner, and Curriculum Reform at Brown."  Venue yet to be determined.  
December 9-12 Rebecca Nedostup will give a talk "Religion and Nation in Space and Time: The Death Test" for “Framing the Study of Religion in Modern China and Taiwan: Methods, Concepts and New Research Paths”, University of Groningen  https://studyofreligioninmodernchinaandtaiwan.wordpress.com/programme-2/10-december-2015/rebecca-nedostup/
December 13-15 "Ukrainians and Jews, 1939-1944: Good Times, Bad Times," on panel: Jews and Ukrainians in the Interwar Era and during World War II, Association for Jewish Studies annual meeting, Boston, given by Omer Bartov.