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**Call for Consortium Workshop Proposals**

The Consortium for Language Teaching and Learning (http://www.languageconsortium.org/) is inviting proposals for a workshop on language pedagogy to be held in the fall of 2015 on one of its member campuses. The CLTL offers funding of up to $5000 to support the workshop.  Proposals must be submitted by a member of the language faculty of one of the member institutions (Brown, Chicago, Columbia, Cornell, or Yale). Preference will be given to proposals that involve language faculty from multiple institutions or reflect collaborative activities across two or more institutions.  Proposals will be reviewed by members of the Consortium Board, and one will be selected for funding.

Each campus can submit up to 3 proposals.  The CLTL board will select one from all of those submitted.  Deadline for submission of proposals is April 17, 2015.

The first workshop in this series was held at Brown University in October 2013, entitled  “Working at the Intersection of Language and Culture in the Digital Age: Practical Approaches to the Pedagogy of Cultural Learning” (http://www.brown.edu/academics/language-studies/workshop-language-and-culture).

The proposed workshop should be one or one-and-one-half days in length and:

  • focus on a pedagogical issue pertaining to a specific language (for example, activities and materials for teaching Arabic)


  • focus on a pedagogical issue across languages (for example, assessment; project-based learning; use of technology; heritage learning, etc.)

 CLTL funding can be used to:

  • cover costs to host a speaker (including travel and lodging)
  • offer modest stipends or travel support to participants
  • pay for materials
  • defray costs of refreshments or meals

Your proposal should:

  • be three to five pages long, double spaced
  • describe the topic and its relevance
  • provide a detailed rationale
  • include a detailed schedule for the workshop, including proposed speakers and topics
  • have a significant hands-on focus, allowing participants to actively engage with the topic
  • include a brief bio of each of the organizers
  • include a detailed budget

Should you be awarded the funding, you must:

  • plan and carry out all aspects of the workshop
  • keep track of all expenses to be reimbursed, and submit your original receipts to the Consortium
  • write a short report summarizing the workshop
  • post this report or any papers or talks from the workshop on the CLTL webpage

 Please submit to the Consortium representative on your campus:

Brown University: Elsa Amanatidou (elsa_amanatidou@brown.edu)

Columbia University: Stéphane Charitos (sc758@columbia.edu)

Cornell University: Dick Feldman (rf10@cornell.edu)

University of Chicago: Cathy Baumann (ccbauman@uchicago.edu)

Yale University: Nelleke Van Deusen-Scholl (nelleke.vandeusen-scholl@yale.edu)