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CLACS collaborates and maintains relationships with over 100 faculty members and professional staff in over 30 departments at Brown University. Below are links to the research and projects of Brown University faculty affiliated with the Center.

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Africana Studies
American Studies

Cognitive, Linguistic, and Psychological Sciences 
Comparative Literature

Environmental Studies
Ethnic Studies 

French Studies 
Geological Sciences 
Hispanic Studies

History of Art & Architecture
International Advancement Office

International Relations
John Carter Brown and John Hay Libraries 

Marine Biology Lab
Political Science
Portuguese and Brazilian Studies
Religious Studies

Theater Arts and Performance Studies
Warren Alpert Medical School
Watson Institute

Africana Studies

Geri Augusto Visiting Associate Professor in Africana Studies,Visiting Fellow, The Institute at Brown for Environment & Society. Specializations include: indigenous knowledge systems in southern Africa and the Caribbean and knowledges of the enslaved in the Caribbean and Brazil.


 Anthony Bogues Lyn Crost Professor of Social Sciences and Critical Theory, Africana Studies. Director of the Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice. Specializations: Caribbean Studies. 


Anani Dzidzienyo Associate Professor of Africana Studies and Portuguese & Brazilian Studies. Specializations: Afro-Brazilians and the Brazilian polity; Racial dimensions of Brazil’s relations with Africa.  

Keisha-Khan Perry Associate Professor of Africana Studies. Specializations: Black women’s activism in Brazil; African diaspora studies; Race relations in Latin America. 


Besenia Rodriguez Associate Dean of the College for Research and Upperclass Studies. Specializations: Black Latin American Cultural and Political History. 


American Studies

Leticia Alvarado Assistant Professor, American Studies. Her current book project explores the political contours of Latino abject aesthetic strategies.

Ralph Rodríguez Associate Professor, American Studies, Ethnic Studies, and English. Director of Graduate Studies. Specializations: Latina/o lit. and culture; Graphic novels/comic books; Queer theory; Race and ethnicity.  



 Paja Faudree Assistant Professor of Anthropology. Specializations: Indigenous social movements; Language and politics; Ethnicity and nationalism; Mexico; Ecuador. 

Matthew Gutmann Professor of Anthropology, Director of BIARI, Interim Director of Latin American and Caribbean Studies. Specializations: Gender/sexuality, health, politics, ethnicity, militarism; Mexico, Latina/os in U.S. 


Dwight Heath, Emeritus Professor Emeritus of Antropology. Specializations: Anthropology of alcohol abuse. 

Stephen Houston Dupee Family Professor of Social Science and Professor of Anthropology and Archaeology, Director of Early Cultures. Specializations: Mesoamerican culture, history, cultural anthropology, Mesoamerican and Mayan art. 


Jessaca Leinaweaver Vartan Gregorian Associate Professor of Anthropology. Specializations: Transnational migration, adoption, and child agency in Peru. 


Andrew Scherer Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Archaeology. Specializations: Archeology of Mesoamerica. 



Kay Warren Charles C. Tillinghast Jr. '32 Professor in International Studies and Professor of Anthropology; Director Pembroke Center. Specializations: Social movements & ethnic nationalism in Latin America; Latin American foreign aid donors. 

Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies

 Ricardo Lagos Former President of Chile and Brown University Professor-At-Large. 



Cognitive, Linguistic, and Psychological Sciences

Scott AnderBois Assistant Professor of Cognitive, Linguistic and Psychological SciencesSpecializations: Semantics, Pragmatics, Mayan languages.

Comparative Literature

 Forrest Gander Adele Kellenberg Seaver '49 Professor of Creative Writing, Professor of Literary Arts, Professor of Comparative Literature. Specializations: Mexican and US lit.; Translation of Latin American poetry. 


Stephanie Merrim Royce Family Professor of Comparative Literature and Hispanic Studies. 

 Esther Whitfield Associate Professor of Comparative Literature, Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies. Specializations: Contemporary Latin American literature; Cuban culture & literature; Caribbean & transatlantic studies. 



 Pedro Dal Bó Professor of Economics. Specializations: Experimental economic Game theory; Political economy. 


Justine Hastings Associate Professor of Economics. Specializations: consumer behavior, and its implications for firm strategy and optimal public policy design. 


Sriniketh Nagavarapu Assistant Professor of Economics and Environmental Science. Specializations: environmental and labor economics in developing countries. 



 Deborah Rivas-Drake Assistant Professor of Education and Human Development. Specializations: Adolescent development and education


Environmental Studies

Heather Leslie Peggy and Henry D. Sharpe Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies, Assistant Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Specializations: ecology, policy, and management of coastal marine ecosystems in Mexico and elsewhere. 

French Studies

Pierre Saint-Amand Francis Wayland Professor, Professor of French Studies and Comparative Literature. Specializations: Haitian-French Caribbean Project. 


Geological Sciences

 Karen Fischer Professor of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences. Specializations: Research on structure of earth’s crust using seismic waves in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.


Hispanic Studies

 José Amor y Vázquez  Professor Emeritus of Hispanic Studies. Specializations: Latin American Literature.


Laura Bass Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies, Associate Professor of History of Art and Architecture, Chair of Hispanic Studies. Specializations:  Cultural production of early modern Spain and the broader Hispanic world; theater and visual culture; fashion and urbanism; authorship, poetics, and literary canon formation.

Beth Bauer Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies. Specializations: Spanish language; Mexico; Dominican Republic. 


Michelle Clayton
 Associate Professor Hispanic Studies, Comparative Literature. Specializations: modern and contemporary Latin American and European writing and film, avant-garde aesthetics and poetry, dance, art history, and media studies.

Julio Ortega Professor of Hispanic Studies. Specializations: Contemporary Latin American novel and poetry; Theory of Latin American literature, especially Mexico and Andes. 

Nidia Schuhmacher Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies. Specializations: Spanish Language. 



Victoria Smith Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies. Specializations: Spanish Language. 



Silvia Sobral Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies. Specializations: Spanish Language. 




R. Douglas Cope Associate Professor of History. Specializations: Colonial Mexican history; Comparative history of the Americas; Native American peoples of Latin America.


James Green Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Professor of Modern Latin American History and Portuguese and Brazilian Studies, Director of the Brazil Initiative. Specializations: Modern Brazil; modern Latin America; gender and sexuality in Latin America. 


Evelyn Hu-Dehart Professor of History, Professor of American Studies. Specializations: Modern Mexico; Asian migration to Latin America and the Caribbean.


Jennifer Lambe Assistant Professor of Latin American and Caribbean History. Specializations: mental illness and healing in Cuba, Cuban film.



Jeremy Mumford Professor of History. Specializations: Indigenous movements, the Andean region. 

Amy Remensnyder Professor of History. Specializations: Cultural and religious history of medieval Europe.


Daniel Rodriguez Assistant Professor of History. Specializations: history of public health, medicine, and disease in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Iris Montero 
Postdoctoral Fellow at the Cogut Center for the Humanities. Specializations: H
istory of science and medicine in the Iberian Atlantic, Mesoamerican visual thinking, Colonial Latin American literature.



History of Art & Architecture

 Kay Dian Kriz Professor Emerita of History of Art and Architecture. Specializations: 18th & 19th-century visual culture in the Caribbean. 


International Advancement Office

Joshua Taub Assistant Vice President for International Advancement.



International Relations

 Claudia Elliott Associate Director of the International Relations Program, Senior Lecturer in International Studies, Faculty Fellow. Specializations: Theory of democracy and democratization, electoral reform, comparative democratization, political representation, Latin America, Venezuela, Mexico.

John Carter Brown Library

 Norman Fiering Emeritus Director and Librarian.



Neil Safier Associate Professor of History, Director of John Carter Brown Library.


Kenneth Ward Maury A. Bromsen Curator of Latin American Books. 

John Hay Library

Patricia Figueroa Curator, Iberian and Latin American Collections. 



Holly Snyder Curator, American Historical Collections. Spcializations: Anglophone Caribbean, Scholarly Resource Librarian.


Marine Biology Lab

 Christopher Neill Associate Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology (MBL), Phyllis and Charles M. Rosenthal Director of the Brown-Marine Biological Laboratory Partnership. Specializations: water and elements cycles in the tropical forests of the Amazon.



 Kiri Miller Associate Professor of Music. Specializations: Ethnomusicology; Latino diaspora music; Diaspora music in the Americas.


Joshua Tucker Assistant Professor of Music; Postdoctoral Research Associate, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies. Specializations: Popular music and social change in Latin America

Political Science

Peter Andreas  John Hay Professor of International Studies and Political Science. Specializations: U.S. Borders; Mexico



Richard Snyder Professor of Political Science; Director, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies. Specializations: Comparative politics & political economy; government and politics of Latin America, especially Mexico. 


Rebecca Weitz-Shapiro  Stanley J. Bernstein '65 P'02 Assistant Professor of Political Science. Machine politics in Latin America.



Portuguese & Brazilian Studies

Onésimo Almeida Professor of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies.  Specializations: Portuguese and Brazilian intellectual history.


L. Simas-Almeida Senior Lecturer in Portuguese & Brazilian Studies. Specializations: Portuguese language and literature; Luso-African literature. 

Patricia Sobral Senior Lecturer in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies. Specializations: Portuguese language; Brazilian cinema; Brazilian literature.

Luiz Valente Professor of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies and Comparative Literature. Speciliazations: 19th and 20th-century Brazilian literature and intellectual history; Comparative literature; Literature of the Americas. 

Nelson Vieira University Professor of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies and Professor of Judaic Studies, Professor of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies, Professor of Judaic Studies, Chair of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies. Specializations: Modern Brazilian lit.; 19th century novel of Brazil; Women writers from Brazil; Jewish-Brazilian narratives. 

Religious Studies

Thomas Lewis Associate Professor of Religious Studies. Specilizations: Liberation theology in Latin America.




José Itzigsohn Professor of Sociology. Specializations: Sociology of development; Labor markets in the Caribbean; Social movements in Argentina. 

David Lindstrom Professor of Sociology, Chair of Socilogy. Specializations: Demography, migration, reproductive change; Latin America (Mexico and Guatemala) and Africa. 


Timmons Roberts Ittleson Professor of Environmental Studies and Sociology. Specializations: climate change and international development. 


Andrew Schrank Olive C. Watson Professor of Sociology and International Studies. Specializations: Comparative Sociology: Political, Economic, and Historical.

Leah VanWey Associate Professor of Sociology, Senior Deputy Director (Research) of the Institute at Brown for Environment & Society. Specializations: Migration & household livelihoods in developing countries, Community economic development in Oaxaca, Mexico. 


Theatre Arts and Performance Studies

Patricia Ybarra Associate Professor of Theatre Arts & Performance Studies. Specializations: Theatre historiography of the Americas; Theatre, nationalism and American identities in North America.

Warren Alpert Medical School

Cesario Bianchi Associate Professor of Surgery (Rhode Island Hospital Cardiothoracic Research) and CAPES Visiting Professor (Federal University of Goias, Brazil). He provides research training for medical students (Santa Casa de Sao Paulo) and studies the effects of Brazilian natural products on heart diseases.

Joseph Bliss Associate Professor of Pediatrics. Specializations: Health care in Guatemala. 


Jeffrey Borkan Professor of Family Medicine, Chair of Family Medicine. Specializations: Doctor-patient communication and narratives; Dominican Republic.


Joseph Diaz Associate Professor of Medicine. Specializations: Dominican Republic exchange program for medical students.


David Egilman Clinical Professor of Family Medicine. Specializations: Occupational medicine; Health & safety in workplace; Health issues in Latin America, esp. Nicaragua and Cuba. 

Timothy Empkie Clinical Associate Professor of Family Medicine. Specializations: Healthcare in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Mark Fagan Professor of Medicine. Specializations: Co-Director of the Department of Medicine Dominican Republic Exchange Program. 

Timothy Flanigan Professor of Medicine, Professor of Health Services, Policy and Practice. Specializations: HIV & Hepatitis infections in underserved communities. 


Roberta Goldman Clinical Professor of Family Medicine. Mid-life changes among Spanish-speaking Latinas; Barriers to care in U.S. Hispanic communities. 


Emily Harrison Clinical Associate Professor of Family Medicine. Specializations: Health care in Honduras. 

Stephen McGarvey Professor of Epidemiology, Director of International Health Institute. Specializations: International health and environmental issues; Global Health scholarly concentration for medical students. 

Amy Nunn Assistant Professor of Behavioral and Social Sciences, Assistant Professor of Medicine. Specializations: Generic medicines for HIV in Brazil and other developing countries. 

Pablo Rodriguez Clinical Associate Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology. Specializations: Health care in the Dominican Republic. 

Peter Simon Clinical Associate Professor of Epidemiology. Specializations: Health care in Haiti. 


Barbara Stonestreet Professor of Pediatrics. Specializations: Health care in the Dominican Republic. 



Patrick Vivier  Royce Family Associate Professor of Teaching Excellence and Associate Professor of Health Services, Policy and Practice. Specializations: Medicaid managed care, childhood obesity, health issues for low income families, health services research, immunizations, information technology, lead poisoning, and preventive services. 

Watson Institute

Peter Evans Senior Fellow of International Studies. 



Jane Jaquette Adjunct Professor of International Studies. Specializations: Latin American Politics, Women’s Movements in Latin America.


Abraham Lowenthal Adjuct Professor of International Studies. Specializations: Economic reforms in Latin America, East Asia, and Central Europe. 

 Barbara Stallings William R. Rhodes Research Professor, Professor of International Studies (Research). Specializations: Economic reform and development in Chile.