Violet Cavicchi studies musics of Latin America and plans to further develop her undergraduate research on the uses of huayno in Quechua-language radio programming in Peru. Topics including music and migration, sound and place, indigenous identity, media and mediation, and music in daily life are central to Violet's interests at Brown. She received a B.A. from Vassar College with a concentration in Anthropology and correlate in Music and Culture where she completed a senior thesis on mixing as a means of cultural intermediation for Latin music DJs in NYC.

Esthers Kurtz is an ethnomusicology grad student, with a B.M. From the Eastman School of Music and an M.M. from the Utrecht Conservatory, in the Netherlands, both in oboe performance. With oboe, Esther has sought to push the boundaries of the repertoire, commissioning new works and improvising with groups in Amsterdam and Boston. She also studied choro in Rio de Janeiro, and since 2006 she has been practicing the Brazilian martial art capoeira, which is now the focus of her research. With capoeira, she is exploring embodied knowledge and music and movement as resistance practices, and further interests include gesture, communication and improvisation. Esther also dances forró and a little samba de gafieira, and co-produces the Junk Kitchen Concert Series in Cambridge, MA.