Student Groups

Bloco da BrownThe mission of Bloco da Brown is to bring the authentic Afro-Brazilian percussion tradition of blocos afro and parade samba to the Brown University and wider Providence community. Contact:

Brown CapoeiraCapoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art form which combines elements of dance, music, and fighting, into a fluid, complementary, and strategic athletic display. Come check us out and learn about the art of capoeira! Classes: Tuesdays, 8-9PM, Faunce Arch Multipurpose Room; Wednesdays, 6-8PM, TF Green Hall 205. Contact: Devon Reynolds, 

Colombians United at Brown: Colombians United at Brown (CUB) is an organization at Brown University open to both undergraduate and graduate students who are of Colombian descent or who desire to learn more about the country and its history. Founded in the spring of 2007, we seek to unite the Colombian community and heighten awareness of the beauty and riqueza of Colombia – the nation, the people, and the culture. Furthermore, we strive to preserve this by giving back to our people through fundraising to support social causes that affect Colombians around the world. Contact: Nicolette Rodriguez,

Dominican Students at Brown: Dominican Students@Brown was formed in May 2011 and is fully dedicated to promoting the values, culture and history of the Dominican nation and its people. We are currently organizing and looking to establish connections with the community and the Dominican Republic. Our main project will be Yspaniola which consists of educating those involved about the Dominican Republic and culminates with a 9 day trip to the Bateys communities. We currently meet in Sayles 205 every Thursday from 8:00-9:00 pm.

La Federación de Estudiantes Puertorriqueños: La Federación de Estudiantes Puertorriqueños was founded at Brown University in 1979 to provide an open and supportive space for Puerto Rican students. FEP is dedicated to creating community among its members and celebrating the history and culture of Puerto Rico. Meetings: Tuesdays at 6:00 pm in the Third World Center. Contact: Gabriela Alvarez, 

Global Medical Brigades, Brown ChapterGlobal Brigades is the world’s largest student-led global health and sustainable development organization. As a secular, international nonprofit organization, it mobilizes student volunteers and professionals to empower communities in developing countries with programs that improve quality of life while respecting local culture. The 9 programs that Global Brigades offers are: Architecture, Business, Dental, Environmental, Law, Medical, Microfinance, Public Health, and Water. Global Medical Brigades currently travel to Panama and Honduras. Contact: Christina DeBenedictus

Machado, La Casa Hispánica: Machado is a community made up of sophomores through seniors with an interest in Spanish language and Hispanic culture. Members are encouraged to speak Spanish with each other. Hispanic House residents participate in and help organize activities such as study breaks, Sabores, Tertulias, ciclos de cine (themed movie screenings), community service projects, and our notorious dance parties. We encourage members of the Brown community to come to our events to meet new people and practice their Spanish with us (regardless of proficiency)! Contact

Brown University Latin American Student OrganizationBrown Latin American Student Organization (LASO) is a student organization open to Latino-identifying undergraduate students and to those who desire to learn more about Latino community and culture. We strive to cultivate a sense of identity, community, and unity through campus outreach, greater community involvement, and numerous other activities. We hope to foster understanding by sharing the culture and experience of people of Latin American descent at Brown and beyond. 

Mariachi de Brown: Mariachi de Brown is Brown University's official mariachi band and Rhode Island's only mariachi group, since 2005. We're composed of undergrads and graduate students of many backgrounds united by a love of mariachi music and Mexican culture. Contact:

Mezcla: This performance group calls itself MEZCLA, a mixture, because, through their dance, music, theatre, art and poetry, they strive to explore and convey the diversity and richness of Latino culture to the Brown Community. Contact:

El Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan: Also known as M.E.Ch.A., this orgnization is an advocacy and support group for all Chicano students at Brown. Together, we explore both the political and cultural paradigms that define and influence Chicanos across the nation and at Brown. M.E.Ch.A. leads discussions that revolve around various issues that not only affect Chicanos but other Latinos nationally as well as at Brown. Our efforts transcend discussion, but also seek to function as a political, social, cultural and educational group. Our affiliations are not only regional, but we also belong to the nation wide networks of M.E.Ch.A. Contact:

Salsa ClubSalsa Club exists to provide salsa dance instruction for the Brown community and to build the Latin dance scene on campus. The club has a performance team, organizes weekly classes for both beginner and intermediate students; and also arranges nights-out. Contact:

Semana ChicanaSemana Chicana is a heritage week hosting events on issues relevant to Mexicans & Mexican-Americans today. In the past, the programmers for the week have collaborated with MEChA, other Latino groups on campus, outside organizations, and the community at large. Contact: Alejandra Ceja,

Students of Caribbean Ancestry (SOCA)The Students of Caribbean Ancestry at Brown University is an interest group designed to educate and encourage fellowship among students of Caribbean heritage and those interested in the Caribbean through discussion groups, forums, social gatherings, and other activities pertinent to Caribbean life. By promoting and enriching awareness of the Caribbean islands, SoCA aims to broaden the horizons not just of the Brown community, but of the ever-growing Caribbean. We are committed to fostering better attitudes and more open dialogues about West Indian issues and relations. SoCA holds annual events – such as our acclaimed Ebony Soiree, community activities, and weekly meetings. Much like the Caribbean, everyone is welcome – SOCA is inclusive of all ethnic and lingual groups and aims to promote fellowship across all lingual, racial, ethnic boundaries. Contact: Casey Alexander,