Fall 2014 Courses

The following is a partial list of the courses related to Latin America and the Caribbean that are offered to Brown University students.

Please contact your advisor or the CLACS office if you have any questions about courses not listed here.

Also, be sure to review course selections with your advisor or the CLACS Concentration Advisor to ensure that they can be used to fulfill your requirements.

Africana Studies

AFRI 0090: An Introduction to Africana Studies

AFRI0210-S01 Afro Latin Americans and Blackness in the Americas

AFRI1150-S01 Afro-Caribbean Philosophy

AFRI1190-S01 Haiti, "A New World, A Free World": History, Art, Politics and Revolution

AFRI1210-S01 Afro-Brazilians and the Brazilian Polity

AFRI1630-S01 Modernist Africana Poetry of the Americas

American Studies

AMST0190I-S01 Re-Thinking Political Aesthetics: Beauty, Modernity, and Justice in the Americas

AMST1600A-S01 Global Macho: Race, Gender, and Action Movies

AMST1611A-S01 Making America: Twentieth-Century U.S. Immigrant/Ethnic Literature


ANTH0066P-S01 Transnational Lives: Anthropology of Migration and Mobilities

Comparative Literature

COLT0710I-S01 New Worlds: Reading Spaces and Places in Colonial Latin America

COLT0710N-S01 A Comparative Introduction to the Literatures of the America

Ethnic Studies

ETHN0090A-S01 The Border/La Frontera

ETHN0270-S01 Introduction to Latino/a History

Haitian Creole

CROL0100-S01 Basic Haitian Creole

CROL0200-S01 Early Intermediate Creole

CROL0400-S01 Advanced Haitian Creole

Hispanic Studies

HISP0100-S01 Basic Spanish

HISP0110-S01 Intensive Basic Spanish

HISP0300-S01 Intermediate Spanish I

HISP0500-S01 Advanced Spanish I

HISP0600-S01 Advanced Spanish II

HISP0730-S01 Early and Contemporary Writers of Spanish America

HISP0740-S01 Intensive Survey of Spanish Literature

HISP1260F-S01 Feminismos

HISP1370K-S01 Literatura latinoamericana del siglo XXI

HISP2350P-S01 Teoria Literaria: la literatura Transatlantica


HIST0970B-S01 Tropical Delights: Imagining Brazil in History and Culture

HIST1600-S01 The Rise and Fall of the Aztecs: Mexico, 1300-1600

HIST1671-S01 Brazil: From Abolition to Emerging World Power

HIST1973X-S01 The Maya in the Modern World

Political Science

POLS1210-S01 Latin American Politics

Portuguese and Brazilian Studies

POBS 0100: Elementary Portuguese 

POBS 0110: Intensive Portuguese 

POBS 0400: Writing and Speaking Portuguese 

POBS0610: Mapping Portuguese-speaking Cultures: Brazil

POBS0810-S01 Belonging and Displacement: Cross-Cultural Identities

POBS0915-S01 On Cultural and Personal Identity

POBS1030-S01  Portuguese Stylistics: Advanced Language Study and Creative Writing

POBS1500A-S01 African Literatures of Portuguese Expression

POBS1600D-S01 Portuguese Discoveries and Early Modern Globalization

POBS2020D-S01 Theories in First and Second Language Acquisition

POBS2120A-S01 ESL Methodology Assessment and Evaluation

POBS2500F-S01 Tales of the "Sertão"

POBS2600O-S01 The Sage of Suspicion: Machado de Assis and the Agencies of Narrative

Public Health

PHP1070-S01 The Burden of Disease in Developing Countries