Spring 2015 Courses

The following is a partial list of the courses related to Latin America and the Caribbean that are offered to Brown University students.

Please contact your advisor or the CLACS office if you have any questions about courses not listed here.

Also, be sure to review course selections with your advisor or the CLACS Concentration Advisor to ensure that they can be used to fulfill your requirements.

Africana Studies

AFRI1020C-S01 The Afro-Luso-Brazilian Triangle

AFRI1050S-S01 Comparative Slavery and Slave Revolts: Slave Rebellion in the Americas, 1725-1865

American Studies

AMST1611Z-S01 The Century of Immigration


ANTH0505-S01 Introduction to South American Archaeology

Comparative Literature

COLT1821A-S01 Literatures of Immigration


ECON0510-S01 Development and the International Economy

Environmental Studies:

ENVS1355-S01 Environmental Issues in Development Economies

Ethnic Studies

ETHN0790A-S02: Latina/o Literature

Haitian Creole

CROL0200-S01 Early Intermediate Creole

CROL0300-S01 Advanced Intermediate Haitian Creole

CROL0400-S01 Advanced Haitian Creole

Hispanic Studies

HISP0200-S01 Basic Spanish

HISP0300-S01 Intermediate Spanish I

HISP400-S01 Intermediate Spanish II

HISP0500-S01 Advanced Spanish I

HISP0600-S01 Advanced Spanish II

HISP0710-S01 Hispanic Culture Through Cinema

HISP0750-S01 Hispanics in the United States

HISP0760-S01 Transatlantic Crossings: Readings in Hispanic Literatures

HISP1370V-S01 Mujeres Malas

HISP1370W-S01 La Cultura Politica de la Transicion y DDHH en el mundo Hispanico

HISP 1370Y-S01 Literature and Film of the Cuban Revolution

HISP2250M-S01 The Novel and Empire

HISP2520L-S01 Latin American Existential Literature

HISP2620O-S01 Authorship and Authoritarianism in Spain and Latin America


HIST1610-S01 Reform and Rebellion: Mexico, 1700-1867

HIST1620-S01 Colonial Latin America

HIST1630-S01 Modern Latin America

HIST1953-S01 Brazil: From Conquest to the End of Slavery

HIST1970E-S01 Brazil Under Vargas: Reshaping the Nation

HIST1976T-S01 History of the Andes from the Inca Empire to Evo Morales

HIST1979N-S01 Environmental History of Latin America, 1492-2014

International Relations

INTL1802W-S01 International Journalism: Foreign Reporting in Practice

Language Studies

LANG2900-S01 The Theory and Practice of Foreign Language Learning and Teaching

Latin American Studies

LAST1510-S01 Ethnicity and the Politics of Development in Latin America

Portuguese and Brazilian Studies

POBS 0110-S01: Intensive Portuguese

POBS 0200-S01: Elementary Portuguese

POBS 0400-S01: Writing and Speaking Portuguese

POBS0620-S01: Mapping Portuguese-speaking Cultures: Brazil

POBS0990-S01 Mapping Cross-Cultural Identities

POBS1080-S01 Performing Brazil: Language, Theater, Culture

POBS1500-S01 The “I” of the Beholder: Self-Examination and Self-Display in Modern Brazilian Fiction

POBS1500Y-S01 The Rise of Brazilian Literature

POBS1600U-S01 Global Empires in the Early Modern World

POBS1720D-S01 Literacy, Culture, and Schooling for the Language Minority Student

Public Health

PHP0030-S01 Health of Hispaniola