Spring 2016 Courses

The following is a partial list of the courses related to Latin America and the Caribbean that are offered to Brown University students. 

 Please review course selections with the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Concentration Advisor Jeremy Mumford to ensure that they can be used to fulfill your requirements.

Africana Studies

AFRI 0760A S01 - Rastafarianism

AFRI 1020C S01 - The Afro-Luso-Brazilian Triangle

AFRI 1060V S01 - Black Transnationalism*

AFRI 2104 S01 - Theorizing the Black Diaspora*


ANTH 0066N S01 - Peoples and Cultures of Greater Mexico 

ANTH 1030 S01 - Pre-Columbian Art and Architecture: A World That Matters

ANTH 1120 S01 - Peoples and the Cultures of the Americas


ARCH 0340 S01 - Bad Things: Archaeologies of New World Vices*


ENGL 0200H S01 - Writing the Black Diaspora: Speaking Truth to Power*

ENGL 0710E S01 - Postcolonial Tales of Transition*

Environmental Studies

ENVS 1355 S01 - Environmental Issues in Development Economics*

ENVS 1755 S01 - Globalization and the Environment*

Ethnic Studies

ETHN 0512 S01- Introduction to Latina/o Cultural Studies

ETHN 0790A S01 - Latina/o Literature

ETHN 1750A S01 - Immigrant Social Movements: Bridging Theory and Practice

Haitian Creole

CROL 0200 S01 - Early Intermediate Creole

CROL 0400 S01 - Advanced Haitian Creole

CROL 1804A S01 - Framing Haiti: History, Culture, Politics + Literature

Hispanic Studies

HISP 0200  - Basic Spanish

HISP 0300 - Intermediate Spanish I

HISP 0400  - Intermediate Spanish II

HISP 0500 - Advanced Spanish I

HISP 0600 - Advanced Spanish II

HISP 0710B S01 - Hispanic Culture Through Cinema

HISP 0750B S01 - Hispanics in the United States

HISP 0760 S01 - Transatlantic Crossings: Readings in Hispanic Literatures

HISP 1330C S01 - Indigenous Literatures of Latin America

HISP 1330U S01 -Hauntings: Gothic Fictions, Banditry and the Supernatural in Latin America

HISP 1330V S01 - Gender Trouble in Spanish America

HISP 2160N S01 - Antiquity and Innovation in the Hispanic Renaissance

HISP 2350H S01 - The History of Wonder in Colonial Spanish American Lettres

HISP 2350S S01 - Contemporary Poetry in Spanish*


HIST 0234 S01 - Modern Latin America

HIST 1331 S01 - The Rise and Fall of the Aztecs: Mexico, 1300-1600

HIST 1967C S01 - Making Revolutionary Cuba, 1959-Present

HIST 1967E S01 - In the Shadow of Revolution: Mexico Since 1940

HIST 1967R S01 - History of Rio de Janeiro

HIST 1974J S01 - Decolonizing Minds: A People's History of the World*

HIST 1976A S01 - Native Histories in Latin America and North America

HIST 1977I S01 - Gender, Race, and Medicine in the Americas

HIST 1979O S01 - Comparative Black Power*

HIST 1979U S01 - The Business of Empire: History of Capitalism and U.S. Foreign Relations, 1900 to the Present*

History of Art and Architecture 

HIAA 1870 S01 - Cannibalism, Inversion, and Hybridity: Creative Disobedience in the Americas

International Relations 

INTL 1803C S01 - Violence in Latin America: Causes, Consequences and Possibilities for Change

Latin American Studies

LAST 1504B S01 - Indigenous Politics in Latin America

LAST 1504C - Representation and Governance in the Federations of Latin America

Literary Arts

LITR 1230K S01 - Latin American Death Trip

Political Science

POLS 2155 S01 - The Political Economy of Labor and Development*

Portuguese and Brazilian Studies

POBS 0110 S01 - Intensive Portuguese

POBS 0200 S01 - Elementary Portuguese

POBS 0400 S01 - Writing and Speaking Portuguese

POBS 0990 S01 - Mapping Cross-Cultural Identities

POBS 1090 S01 - Portuguese-speaking Cultures Via Film

POBS 1500Y S01 - The Rise of Brazilian Literature

POBS 1600D S01 - Portuguese Discoveries and Early Modern Globalization

POBS 1800E S01 - The Brazilian Puzzle: Confronting the Post-Colonial Legacy

POBS 1800F S01 - The Lusophone World and the Struggle for Modernity*

Public Health

PHP 0030 S01 - Health of Hispaniola


SOC 1870K S01 - Demographics and Development*

SOC 1872E S01 - Global Sociology: Capitalism, Colonialism and the Making of the Modern World*

SOC 2260D S01 - Race, Ethnicity, and Nation: Boundaries, Identities, Inequalities*

Theater Arts and Performance Studies

TAPS 1670 S01 - Latino/a Theatre and Performance

Course officially listed or cross-listed as Latin American and Caribbean Studies

*Course will count for Latin American and Caribbean Studies credit if the final paper or project focuses on the region