Spring 2014 Courses

The following is a partial list of the courses related to Latin America and the Caribbean that are offered to Brown University students.

Please contact your advisor or the CLACS office if you have any questions about courses not listed here.

Also, be sure to review course selections with your advisor or the CLACS Concentration Advisor to ensure that they can be used to fulfill your requirements.

Africana Studies

AFRI 0090: An Introduction to Africana Studies

AFRI0710A-S01 Racial and Gender Politics in Contemporary Brazil

AFRI1020C-S01 The Afro-Luso-Brazilian Triangle

AFRI1060V-S01 Black Transnationalism

AFRI2104-S01 Theorizing the Black Diaspora


ANTH0066N-S01 Peoples and Cultures of Greater Mexico

ANTH1810-S01 Language and Power

Comparative Literature

COLT1812V-S01 War, Anti-War, Postwar: Culture and Contestation in the Americas

Ethnic Studies

AMST 1611Z-S01  The Century of Immigration

Haitian Creole

CROL0100-S01 Basic Haitian Creole

CROL0200-S01 Early Intermediate Creole

CROL0400-S01 Advanced Haitian Creole

Hispanic Studies

HISP0200-S01 Basic Spanish

HISP0300-S01 Intermediate Spanish I

HISP0500-S01 Advanced Spanish I

HISP0730-S01 Early and Contemporary Writers of Spanish America

HISP0750B-S01 Hispanics in the United States

HISP1370B-S01 Gaborium: Memory, Fiction, and Reading in Gabriel García Márquez

HISP2350E-S01 Novela latinomericana contemporánea


HIST1630-S01 Modern Latin America I

HIST1951-S01 The First Globalization: The Portuguese in Africa, Asia, and the Americas

HIST1976T-S01 History of the Andes from the Inca Empire to Evo Morales

HIST1972R-S01 Politics and Culture Under The Brazilian Military Dictatorship, 1964-1985

HIST2971L-S01 Borderlands: Violence and Coexistence

Latin American Studies

LAST1510N-S01 Political Systems and Political Parties in Latin America

Political Science

POLS0200-S01 Introduction to Comparative Politics

POLS1285-S02 Democracy, Citizenship, and Accountability in Latin America

POLS1823F-S01 Between Colonialism and Self-Determination: A History of the International Order

Portuguese and Brazilian Studies

POBS 0200: Elementary Portuguese 

POBS 0110: Intensive Portuguese 

POBS 0400: Writing and Speaking Portuguese 

POBS0620: Mapping Portuguese-speaking Cultures: Brazil

POBS0720-S01 Racial and Gender Politics in Contemporary Brazil (AFRI 0710A)

POBS1090-S01 Portuguese-speaking Cultures Via Film

POBS1600A-S01 The Afro-Luso-Brazilian Triangle (AFRI 1020C)

POBS1600H-S01 Politics and Culture Under The Brazilian Military Dictatorship, 1964-1985 (HIST 1972R)

POBS1600P-S01 The Last Empire: Portuguese Colonialsm and Decolonization in Comparative Perspective

POBS1720-S01 Literacy, Culture, and Schooling for the Language Minority Student

POBS1740-S01 Artful Teaching: Intersecting the Arts with Foreign and Second Language Acquisition

POBS2500G-S01 Nation and Narration

POBS2600R-S01 Modernization of Brazilian Drama–Nelson Rodrigues' Legacy of Performance and Consciousness


SOC1270-S01 Race, Class, and Ethnicity in the Modern World