Fall 2015 Courses

The following is a partial list of the courses related to Latin America and the Caribbean that are offered to Brown University students.

Please contact your advisor or the CLACS office if you have any questions about courses not listed here.

Also, be sure to review course selections with your advisor or the CLACS Concentration Advisor to ensure that they can be used to fulfill your requirements.

Africana Studies

AFRI0210-S01 Afro Latin Americans and Blackness in the Americas

AFRI1150-S01 Afro-Caribbean Philosophy

AFRI1210-S01 Afro-Brazilians and the Brazilian Polity


ANTH1650-S01 Ancient Maya Writing 

ANTH2520-S01 Mesoamerican Archeology and Ethnohistory

Comparative Literature

COLT0711D-S01 Comparative Approaches to the Literatures of Brazil and the United States

COLT1812V-S01 War, Anti-War, Postwar: Culture and Contestation in the Americas

Environmental Studies:

ENVS1575-S01 Engaged Climate Policy at the UN Climate Change Talks 

Ethnic Studies

ETHN1890R-S01 Latina Feminisms

Haitian Creole

CROL0100-S01 Basic Haitian Creole

CROL0300-S01 Advanced Intermediate Haitian Creole

CROL0400-S01 Advanced Haitian Creole 

History of Art and Architecture 

HIAA0830-S01 Revolutionary Forms: 100 Years of Art and Politics in Latin America

Hispanic Studies

HISP0100 Basic Spanish

HISP0110 Intensive Basic Spanish 

HISP0300 Intermediate Spanish I

HISP0400 Intermediate Spanish II

HISP0490A-S01 Spanish for Health Care Workers

HISP0500 Advanced Spanish I

HISP0600 Advanced Spanish II

HISP0710C-S01 Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics 

HISP0730-S01 Early and Contemporary Writers of Spanish America

HISP1330Q-S01 Major Works in a Minor Key

HISP1330T-S01 El amor en español

HISP2350T-S01 Mediations: Nation, Civilization, and Territory in 19th Century Latin America


HIST0233-S01 Colonial Latin America

HIST0535A-S01 Atlantic Pirates

HIST0537A-S01 Popular Culture in Latin America and the Caribbean

HIST1310-S01 History of BrazilHIST1320-S01 Rebel Island: Cuba, 1492-Present

HIST1333-S01 The Mexican Revolution

HIST1381-S01 Latin American History and Film: Memory, Narrative, and Nation 

HIST1967Q Gender and Sexuality in the Modern History of Latin America 

HIST1979Z-S01 The World in Revolution: America and the Global South during the Long 1970s

HIST2971E Latin American Historiography 

Latin American Studies

LAST1504A-S01 Violence and Urban Poverty in Latin America: Ethnographic and Qualitative Perspectives


MUSC0645-S01 Brazilian Choro Ensemble

Portuguese and Brazilian Studies

POBS0100-S01  Elementary Portuguese

POBS0200-S02 Intensive Portuguese

POBS0400-S01 Writing and Speaking Portuguese

POBS0610-S01 Mapping Portuguese-Speaking Cultures: Brazil

POBS0810-S01 Belonging and Displacement: Cross-Cultural Identities

POBS1694-S01 Comparative History of Abolitionism in the Atlantic World

POBS2600I-S01 Modern and Contemporary Brazilian Poetry

Political Science

POLS1285-S01 Quality of Democracy in Latin America

Science and Society

SCSO1701C-S01 The First Scientific Americans: Exploring Nature in Latin America, 1500-1800