1764: Brown's Founding in a Global Context


The Department of History and the John Carter Brown Library present a lecture series in celebration of Brown University's 250th Anniversary.

Distributed throughout the year-long commemoration of Brown University’s 250th Anniversary, the 1764 lectures will feature leading academic voices from Brown and beyond. These lectures will create the opportunity for campus wide interdisciplinary reflection on Brown’s founding moment from a global perspective.

Each lecture will be accompanied by a mini-exhibition of related materials from the world renowned Americana collections of the John Carter Brown Library.

The seven lectures will cover globalization, the slave trade, education, natives and empires, religion, health and medicine, and politics and governance, and have been organized in coordination with the Departments of Education and Religious Studies, the Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice, the School of Public Health, the Haffenreffer Museum of Anthropology, and the Watson Institute for International Studies.

Made possible through funding from Brown University’s 250th Anniversary

Organized by Linford D. Fisher, Department of History, and Margot Nishimura, John Carter Brown Library

For the full program, which will be updated regularly with more details, as well as videos of past lectures, see 1764 Lectures

For a full schedule of 250th events, see 250.Brown.edu