Book Reproduction Services

 Please make your requests for book reproductions by writing to


35 mm Microfilm is the least expensive method of copying a quantity of rare materials. The Library's policy is to film items in their entirety except in the case of separate bibliographic entities fortuitously bound with unrelated material. In such cases, one bibliographic entity within the binding may be filmed. For example, the Library will film vol. 2 of a 3-volume set, or a monograph in a series, or a separately published pamphlet bound with other separately published pamphlets. Unless special arrangements are made, the Library will retain all negatives; patrons receive a positive copy of the film. If more than one item is requested, the Library will often send all items together on one roll with enough space between for convenient future separation.

It is possible to convert microfilm into paper copy through the “copy-flo” process. One company in New England that prepares hard copy from microfilm is Micro Image III, 196A Elm Street, Everett, MA 02149. Telephone 617–394–0036.

Microfilm costs
The minimum microfilm charge for newly filmed items is $ 150.00. Postage and packaging costs will be added to the fee. Please allow 8-10 weeks for the completion of your order.

Positive duplication of an item that has already been microfilmed costs $ 85.00, plus postage and packaging. Please allow 3-4 weeks for processing microfilm duplication.
Special permission fees apply to microfilm copies made for commercial purposes.


  • Microfilm $150.00
  • Microfilm duplication of item which has already been filmed: $85.00

Each order will accrue a handling charge of $7.50 regardless of the method used to send it. Please contact the Imaging Department to verify correct charges of your order before making payment.


The library also offers digital reproductions of titles in our collection. We charge $150 to digitize a book. Duplication will be allowed only if the condition of the book will not be compromised.

We also charge a handling fee of $7.50 for each book.